How to Use Coupons and Discounts to Boost Your Email List

How to Use Coupons and Discounts to Boost Your Email List - 315

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, email marketing has been one of the popular options. It refers to letting businesses share their products and updates by emailing their customers. Despite the rising popularity of social media channels these days, people utilize email for communication. This is probably one of the reasons why it can help you connect with a wider range of target audiences for your marketing efforts.

However, like other digital marketing strategies, email marketing can be challenging, especially if your contacts don’t open it. Fortunately, this article will walk you through using coupons and discounts to boost your email list.

Compare the carefully crafted email you wrote to your subscribers to a heartfelt love letter sent to your special someone. You most likely can't wait for you both to open that email. However, the subscriber email often ends up in the trash or it gradually floats out of sight to the bottom of their inbox in many cases.

Eventually, your brand (and reach) can start fading from view. Just because you send email marketing messages does not mean they are viewed. Stop the inbox-to-trash lifecycle by adding discounts and coupons to your email marketing strategy.

Consider the following headlines:

  • “It’s Springtime, so order our services and enjoy this great weather in style.”
  • “This Spring, take advantage of our 25% off deal and be prepared for Summer.”

Which one has the most appeal?  Of course, it’s the second headline. The first one reads almost as though you are ordering your customer to buy your services. However, the second is more suggestive, giving the customer the feeling of choice and power. It demonstrates your brand's willingness to provide services with value.

Think like a customer. Would you rather read an email that gives you an offer?  Or do you want to be dictated to? Keep that in mind and get creative on how you incorporate coupons and discounts in your emails.

Using coupons in your email marketing

Seasonal Offers

Seasons and holidays are a prime time to add offers to your marketing schedule. Brainstorm how users can utilize your services seasonally or during cultural events.

Repeat Business

Keep customers coming back by offering a "thank you" coupon 1 to 3 months after their first purchase. By sweetening the pot with a discount, your customers more likely to return.

Coupons and Social Media

Offer a progressive discount when customers take action on social media while using a coupon. If a customer would have received 10% with a coupon, they would receive 15% off for being a Facebook fan and 20% off for sharing posts while being a fan.

Keep it Up

While email marketing is a proven method of capturing customer loyalty, your subscribers can disappear if you aren’t consistent. Your email marketing should keep and grow our list.

To be consistent with your email marketing efforts, there are some essential things to consider. For one, you should create a schedule to know the perfect time to send emails to your contact list. That way, you avoid overwhelming your subscribers with multiple emails each week or sending emails infrequently to the point that you’re already forgotten.

Another is to maintain your email marketing’s consistency is to provide formatted email subject lines. Doing so allows subscribers to recognize your emails easily, increasing the likelihood they’ll open them.

Drive Sign-Ups

Use coupons and exclusive discounts in conjunction with your website and social channels. Seed your email list with coupons to keep your audience engaged after signing up. If you want your email to drive more sign-ups, you may incorporate digital coupons and discount codes for some popular shops and marketplaces online. Just learn from the experts of, and you can find the best deals for your email marketing efforts.

With coupons and discounts ready, you can consider some things when using these items to generate more sign-ups. Convey value over deals. Coupons should not be the end all be all of your marketing. Create engaging and informative content that is relevant to your brand.

Offer Coupons with Waftio!

Waftio makes it easy to offer coupons to your audience. With Waftio, you can create a simple form for your site visitors to fill out. Once they've completed it, they get their discount code or printable coupon and you add another lead to the list.

Waftio can be integrated with marketing tools like MailChimp and Aweber to automatically add visitors to your list.

Do you use coupons for email marketing? If not, keep the information mentioned above in mind to know and understand how to use coupons and discounts to boost your email list and achieve a more desirable marketing outcome.

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