The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place It

The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place ItA blog is the best resource to connect with new website visitors and to keep returning visitors engaged. It’s one of the reasons CMS platforms like WordPress are so popular. They make blogging easy.

There are a few golden rules when it comes to a successful blog. CTAs (Calls To Action) are a must have.

Without a CTA, customers who are interested in your products may not know what to do next. You may lose them even though they were ready to buy. Instead of hoping they contact you, a CTA tells them what the next step is, and invites them to take it.

How Your CTA Helps

More Web Traffic

One of the metrics search engines use to rank websites is traffic. The more quality traffic your site gets, the more online clout your site has. Use a link in your CTA to funnel visitors from your blog to your main website, and get the benefit of the added traffic source.

Encourage Contact

If your CTA includes an embedded form, you'll get leads directly from your blog posts. While you won’t get site traffic, you'll get quality leads from people already reading your blog and interested in what you do.

Lead Your Readers to More Content

Quality content helps to keep visitors on your website and proves you're an expert in your field. Well written content answers questions and establishes a relationship. So when visitors do contact you, they feel like they’re talking to a trusted peer, rather than a complete stranger. That’s a major leap forward in the sales process!

When your viewers read your content, you'll build trust. It’s always a good idea to lead your readers to more content. Do this with links in the post and a “Related Content” section.

Improving Shareability

Billions of people use social media every day. It’s no surprise that “going viral” is the holy grail of digital marketing. Make sure you write killer content and include social sharing buttons, to encourage visitors to share your posts with their networks.

Get More List Subscribers

Another great use for CTAs is to encourage readers to opt into your email marketing list. A simple offer or a reminder there’s more great content in your newsletter can encourage visitors to share their email addresses with you. Now you’re marketing to a prequalified, captive audience.

CTA Must Dos

Get the most out of your Call To Action links and buttons using the following tips:

  • Focus on the action you want the reader to do.
  • Keep it brief and simple.
  • Make it easy to find, and use big, bold fonts and buttons.
  • Use a variety of different CTAs in different positions, to cover a range of desired actions.

A well planned CTA can be a powerful marketing tool, so start experimenting, and see what works on your blog.



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