Magnet Marketer: Tools to Help You Delight Your Customers

Tools to Help you Delight your Customers

Today's consumers expect more than standard customer service. They have a lot of choices and your competitors waiting right around the corner. Want to go one step further and delight your customers? Use these tools for the edge you need.


4 Tools to Help you Delight your Customers sugarwish

Let your customers know that you're thinking about them by sending a personalized sweet gift! Your customer gets a link to an online candy store, and they can pick out their favorites. A few days later, they get to enjoy their favorite candy, courtesy of you! New customers are impressed right off the bat, and these make a perfect current customer birthday gifts.

Send Out Cards

Emails are great, but they often get lost among the hundreds of other messages in the customer's inbox. Stand out by putting yourself in their snail mailbox with Send Out Cards. You personalize the cards with unique messages, and they're great for holidays and other significant events.


Want to send a physical card to your customers but tie it back into the digital experience? Much like Send Out Cards, Enthusem gives you the space to personalize the messaging on the cards, but you also include a special link to a video. You loop this offline experience back into the online world, which creates an excellent foundation for an integrated marketing campaign. You can use this service for pretty much any customer outreach, from thanking them for a recent purchase to sending a "just because" card.


4 Tools to Help you Delight your Customers bomb bomb

Video content attracts a lot of attention and engagement from viewers, so make sure to incorporate it into your customer relationship building strategy. BombBomb sends a personalized video to their email address, so you have a great chance to have them watch your video. Once they open the email and watch the video, you get a notification to track your engagement rates.

Your clients and customers want to know that they represent more than just dollar signs. By using these methods to exceed expectations, delight your customers and build your relationship, you show them exactly how you think of them. That goes a long way to keeping them around as loyal clients and getting word of mouth recommendations coming through your door.

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