Want to Grow Your Facebook Page Fan Community? Try a Contest

Why a Contest on Facebook?

Contests are one of the most powerfully simple tools you can use to:

  • engage your fans
  • reach friends of those fans
  • bring fans and new visitors to your fan page
  • Boost the growth of your Facebook Page community
  • grow your email list

Yes, running a contest on Facebook is a fantastic way to build customer loyalty, build your fan count, begin to engage potential new customers, and collect valuable contact information to further your relationship with potential consumers.

Worried about Facebook's Contest and Promotion Rules?

Here are the basics:

  1. You outline the rules, eligibility, and offer details.
  2. You’re not offering illegal goods as prizes! (pretty basic!)
  3. You have a disclaimer visible that the contest is not authorized by or connected to Facebook
See full Facebook policy and details here: Facebook Page Guidelines – Promotions Policy (Section E).

The Good News....

TabSite’s powerful Contest suite of tools is 100% Facebook-compliant!  Simply use TabSite to run your contest and you're good to go!

TabSite has been powering contests for hundreds of brand this year and our suite of TabSite Contest tools just keeps getting better as we release new features!

Try theTabSite free 14 Day Trial now for your Facebook Page!

Resort Fan Photo Contest on Facebook

Key TIPS for Facebook Contests:

  • Keep the entry process simple.  No long forms and to-do lists.  Name, e-mail, and Image uploade with Title works great.
  • Recognize you need to promote the tab where the contest is reguarly!  Not all people will see your post in their news feed, so make sure to post about it a number of times and use other social resources like your blog, Twitter, G+, and email to drive people to your Page Tab.
  • Use a Facebook Ad Sponsored Story to boost reach of your post about your contest and reach hundreds more for targeted users for as little as $10.
  • Don’t have it run too long!  A week to 10 days is great; a month is too long for users to maintain focus.
  • Include social sharing tools to enhance the spread of entries.  Make sure your contest easily allows those who enter and those who vote to share their entry/vote with their friends.  This helps promote virality of the contest!  (TabSite has you covered. We make this easy!)

contests.pngRun Photo entry, video entry, or content / essay entry contests with TabSite where users submit entries for fans to vote on.  In addtion, TabSite offers Page Admins the ability to run contests where users do not submit entries but simply vote on the entries that you have loaded.  This is a perfect way to get fan input and voting on potential new products, colors, and styles!

Structure your contest smartly from the get-go with a sound third party app like TabSite and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of engaging folks on Facebook!

Try theTabSite free 14 Day Trial now for your Facebook Page!

Full details on TabSite Contest suite of tools can be viewed here.

Timeline Contest eBook Guide


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