Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App (1)

Facebook is stepping up again to show it wants to remain your number 1 favorite social media platforms with their newest mobile app, Notify. Notify was created to keep you posted on news, weather, trends, sports and everything you want to know immediately with simple smartphone notifications. Notify lets you select from over 70 "stations" to customize your alerts, and it pulls everything into 1 convenient update.

We all have different needs and interests when it comes to what we consider “important news.” By selecting your mix, Notify can cater to your every whim, keeping you exactly up-to-date and connected on one of their platforms.  And, Facebook will scan your Facebook profile and make informed suggestions on other stations you might want to add to the mix. Nice, right?

You can customize the app to send you pop-up notifications on your phone as well.  It’s intended to be a broad source of all your desired news in one convenient spot.  So instead of needing to have CNN, USA Today, Bloomberg Business and other apps, you can get information from all sources in one spot. Notify doesn't want you to miss a thing!

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App (1)

Facebook wants you to spend more time on their playground, their family of apps.

And while it might seem counterproductive to add yet another app to our already overstimulated lives, Facebook wants you to consider a different perspective. Instead of looking at it as another app, the social media giant wants you to look at it as the only app, so ultimately you spend less time on your phone, not more, because it narrows down the news sources you need to check.

To accomplish its overall goal, Facebook partnered with CNN, FoxSports, Comedy Central, and A&E (just to name a few) to keep you in the loop. What if you don't care about certain news trends? No worries. Notify lets you subscribe to sub-topics. So if politics or baseball doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can exclude these stories completely. If you need weather updates or coupon deals, there are stations for that too.

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App (1)
This app is quite helpful for the on-the-go business person!

Follow your industry trends and news easily. Then be the first to blog or offer comments on them. Getting your name and company associated with breaking newsworthy events is an excellent way to be identified as an expert in your industry and get approached by the media for comments.

Think your customers would be interested in an article or event? Forward a notification to them via email, text, or any other social media platform. Your customer will feel valued to know that you're thinking of them.

Business Uses of Facebook's New Notify App (1)
The app is only available for the iPhone at this time.

Once you download the app, Notify goes into every nook and cranny of your Facebook account to create an initial, personalized list. From there you can begin customizing further. As you build and customize, there will be times when you're too busy to read your updates. To bookmark and save for later, simply swipe the screen and add to your Saved Notifications list.

In the land of smartphones, notifications are one of the ways we learn about the things that matter to us. Notify is a solution to bring all of these things into one convenient space.

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