[Podcast] Comparison of Facebook Timeline and Tab Contests


Podcast Episode #7 2013 This Halftime Mike Podcast episode looks into the Facebook promotion policy change opening up contest promos to be run in the news feed. In particular, this episode guides marketers on when to use a Timeline Contest and when to use a Tab Contest. Come away with an informed view on advantages of each and how they can both fit within a Facebook Sales Funnel strategy.


Marketers have been chattering extensively about the recent change by Facebook to allow Pages to run contests on the Timeline. Page Admins now simply need to create a post on their page and push it out to run a contest!

With the new rules, businesses can launch a quick & simple Facebook contest using a normal News Feed post but they can't capture entrant key information such as email addresses.

So which contest should you choose?  Each can work, it depends on your goals!

A Timeline Contest is best if:

  • If you want to launch right away (like today!)
  • If you want fast engagement (like’s and comments on a post)
  • If you have no budget at all

Facebook timeline contest will give you fast engagement and can be deployed quickly.

App Contest hosted on your Facebook page Tab is best if:
  • You want to grow Page likes.  (Offers Like Gate to ensure fans like the Page to access the contest)
  • You want to capture lead information such as email addresses for future marketing
  • You want more design control
  • You want advanced features

Facebook contest on a tab will give you greater control and better lead capture.

YouTube video


What about you?  Thoughts or questions on which type of contest to use in your Facebook Marketing?  Let me know!



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