Using Automated Messaging on Instagram: Tips and Tricks

Automated messaging on Instagram.

With Instagram becoming one of the most popular mainstream social media platforms, businesses that use Instagram for marketing may find it difficult and time-consuming to tend to all their customer comments and messages. Instagram users send more than 400 million messages daily. This includes Story replies, product inquiries, requests for partnerships, and other messages. While businesses receive these messages 24/7, usually they only respond to DMs for a few minutes each day. Automated messaging on Instagram can help.

Filtering various messages is a challenge, especially for large businesses with many inquiries. This means many businesses can easily miss important messages, such as product inquiries, story tags, or mentions. Fortunately, this issue can be solved by automating your Instagram messages, either by using Instagram or an automation system like EarthWeb.

How Instagram Automated Messaging Works

Instagram is primarily a watching, discovering, and buyers’ platform, with 81% of Instagram users searching for products and services. Due to various algorithms, it is only a matter of minutes before your potential customer finds similar products and services from competitor pages on the platform. If they DM the competitor and get an instant response, they are more likely to purchase from your competitor. Response time can greatly influence a potential sale.

However, with automated messaging, you are able to respond to customer or prospect inquiries immediately. Automating messaging enables businesses to generate leads and revenues in ways that were impossible before. For startup businesses that aren’t getting as many organic messages, you can use automation to trigger responses.

Getting Started with Automated Messaging on Instagram

Before warming up to Instagram’s automated messaging, begin by ensuring that your business can access the feature. Instagram messaging automation is slowly being rolled out to business accounts. Even if your business can’t access it right now, it is worth including it in your marketing strategy plan. The best way to confirm this is by signing up for one of these automation tools, such as Ingramer, Dmpro, or Insazood.

After accessing the automation tool, you should manage your settings to ensure you have the tool running correctly. For starters, you can run an Instagram story to test a keyword for direct sales or lead generation. Stories are the best for testing as 50% of Instagram messages originate from stories.

If the responses from the test appear to be reliable, you can proceed with your automated messages. You can use automated messages for lead generation, to provide customer support, or for marketing and sales.

How to Use Instagram’s Automated Messaging

As mentioned, automated messaging on Instagram is best if you want to improve your DM efficiency. It also improves communication with your followers and frees up more of your time. Below are four ways you can use this automation feature;

When answering common questions

Automated messaging might be a lifesaver if your customers frequently ask questions. This includes products available, queries about whether you ship to their locations, prices, and more. If your support team types the same responses repeatedly, automated messaging may be the right solution for you. Simply create a pre-written list of replies with answers to common questions and set a relevant keyword to trigger the response.

When running Instagram giveaways

You should expect tons of messages when running a giveaway. Fortunately, you can save time responding to inquisitive followers by crafting a simple response to all inquiries. The response might be an outline of the details and rules for the giveaway.

For customer support

Instagram is not only great for lead generation and driving sales but also for customer support. You can use automated messages to respond to common customer inquiries.

Staying engaged with your followers

Responding to your follower's DMs is not about being polite. It is about helping grow your business and building your brand. While this may seem like something small, it means a lot to your followers. There is no better way of engaging and connecting with your followers than responding to their messages. Fortunately, you can automate replies for common DMs. Thereby freeing up time to personally respond to other messages.


Automated messaging can help your business save time when interacting with customers. However, while they are efficient, remember that they should only be used for common comments or questions. You should still customize responses for other questions, lest your business appears insincere or cold.

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