How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Small Business


Who would have ever thought that social media platforms would be used as more than just a medium for exchanging photos with friends? Well, it’s happening. The number of users of social media platforms keeps growing every day. One of the most exciting things about it is that a significant percentage of the users are businesses. Ninety percent of the companies in the U.S have some sort of social media presence. Here's how you can use Instagram to grow your small business.

In particular, there is one platform that has managed to grab the attention of many people today: Instagram. The platform boasts 1 million monthly active users, which is one of the reasons why small business owners are paying attention to it. If you are looking for a platform to get your marketing efforts going, this is a key place you should be considering.

Why Instagram?

There are many platforms on which you can be marketing your business. So why is the emphasis being put on this particular one? Apart from the fact that it hosts over 1 million users, here are some other reasons why you should consider choosing Instagram for your social media marketing.

1. Instagram is visual

Instagram banks on visual content. As you may be aware, photos and videos are most effective when it comes to engaging your audience. That is not all; the platform allows the users to create profiles that give the audience details about the brand. That goes all the way from the mission statement to products, which can make it even easier to generate quality leads.  Visual messages are digested more quickly and retained in memory more easily, making the visuals of Instagram’s feed and Stories key places to share content that can be consumed and recalled by your potential customers.

2. Mobile usage

As the world is going mobile, it would be smart if you used a platform that mostly captures mobile users. Note that 80 percent of social media browsing is done through mobile devices, especially smartphones. And Instagram is a mobile app with very little desktop features or use. The other advantage is that Instagram is linked to and owned by Facebook. This allows you to reach an even bigger audience easily through sharing features and the Ads Manager.

How to use Instagram to grow your Small Business

Now that you are in touch with what Instagram can offer your business, you need to know how to use it to build your brand. Here are some tips.

1. Grow your following by using the existing customers

Growing your audience may take some time, but you do not have to start from scratch. If you have a presence on other platforms, you can use them to encourage your customers to follow your Instagram page. Emails and business cards can also be instrumental in spreading the word about your page. CTAs will help you get more followers on Instagram. Alternatively, you may search for the Quantum Marketer's exclusive promo for Nitreo to get economical growth for your Instagram account.

2. Work with influencers

If you are looking to reach a quality audience, influencers will be an asset. You should, therefore, be looking for influencers in your niche that have a strong following and high level of engagement and work with them to promote your Instagram profile. Working with the right influencers will help you reach the right audience for your brand.

3. Content is king

This rule applies to all social media platforms and websites. If you want to grab the attention of the audience and grow your profile, you need to be producing quality content. You should, therefore, go the extra mile and post photos and videos that are relevant to your target audience.

Create content that engages your audience, and you will be impressed by the rate at which your followers will grow. The best part is that if you impress your customers, they will share your content with friends and other people that may be interested in your product.

By having a presence on Instagram, you will be able to reach more potential customers. By utilizing the strategies above, you can use Instagram to grow your small business. Therefore generating quality leads, you can increase your conversions and your sales. The moment your brand’s bottom line starts to increase, your small business will naturally grow. Instagram is what you should use to take your business to the next level. Click here for more information on and going deeper with Instagram for business.

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