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Facebook has come a long way since its inception. Its exponential growth has seen it acquire WhatsApp and Instagram in recent years. Today, the tech giant is the biggest social media platform. Collectively, the Facebook family of apps boasts of more than 3.4 billion monthly active users. To maintain its growing influence, Facebook has been making roads in e-commerce. The latest talk of the town is Facebook and Instagram Shops. This shops platform for Facebook and Instagram will see businesses transform their profiles and pages into fully functional storefronts.

The update couldn’t have come at a more opportune time as small businesses continue to struggle due to the ongoing pandemic. Here is a breakdown of the platform and why your business may want to consider a store.

Understanding Facebook and Instagram Shops

Facebook Shops stems from the idea that businesses should be able to build an online store directly from their Facebook page. It can be done by adding a ‘shop’ section to a business Instagram profile or Facebook page. Once created, a business can then build a catalog of products and services. Your followers and visitors can then browse, share, save, or even make purchases directly.

As a business, you can customize your shop to maximize branding. The beauty of this feature is that once it is set up, it is available across all Facebook-owned apps. To ensure nobody is left behind, Facebook has partnered with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Cafe24, WooCommerce, CedCommerce, and many others. This means you can allow these third-party companies to manage your platforms for you.

Shops will not replace ecommerce websites due to their simplicity and because you are essentially “leasing” a storefront on land you don’t “own.”  However, they can be a good option for simple products getting in front of a wider audience and helping to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Why Consider Shops

The new Shops platform for Facebook and Instagram could change the e-commerce landscape in the years ahead. Although all businesses can take advantage of this new feature, small businesses stand to gain the most. The following are some of the reasons why your business shouldn’t be left behind.

1. Reach a Wider Audience

More than half of the world’s population uses social media daily. Facebook has the largest share of 2.6 billion users with Instagram not far behind. The integration of Facebook shops across different platforms will cast an even wider net. This increases the number of visitors and can drive up sales.

2. Direct Feedback

Feedback from your customers is how any business improves service delivery. With Facebook shops, customers can contact you directly using WhatsApp, Messenger, or Direct Messenger since they are already within these apps. There will be no need for additional plugins and tools.

3. Easy to Set up

Nearly all businesses have social media accounts these days. Adding shop sections to your Facebook page or Instagram profile is a simple process. There is no need to hire a web designer. Simply go to settings, then tap on business, followed by shopping. After that, you can proceed to add your catalog and press done. Just like that, your shop is now live.

4. Live Shopping

According to Facebook, peaked viewership is experienced while a video is live. Plans to launch a live shopping feature for Facebook and Instagram shops will then tap into this viewership to sell products. You can tag the relevant products before going live. This tag will then appear below the video. Businesses can especially take advantage of this during product launches or explainer tutorials.

Set Up Your Shop Today

The Shops platform for Facebook and Instagram could be exactly what businesses need during these hard times. Small businesses especially can take advantage of this new platform. Although companies will have to pay a fee to enjoy this service, the potential gains could be worth the investment. Additionally, all businesses must adhere to certain commerce eligibility requirements before they receive the green light. These terms are put in place to protect customers and ensure trustworthiness. As well, the shops seem to serve simple products and simple shipping (flat-rate) the best.  If your business has more complex ecommerce needs, you will continue to need to put your emphasis on your website ecommerce.  These shops are more of an “add-on” and additional option as opposed to a new complete solution.

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