This Week in Social Media: March 16, 2017


This week in Social Media March 16th


Facebook Live additional capabilities

You can now go “Live” on a friend’s profile. Here’s how … Go to their page and click to write on their timeline, then select “go live”. From there you can invite others to join in and watch you.

Not sure what Facebook has planned for the future of this feature. It’s a great tool to wish someone a birthday!  I wanted to keep you all informed of the update.


Great for coaches to leave an encouraging message for their clients. Not sure there will too many businesses uses as you’re posting from a personal profile to personal profile at this point.

Facebook Messenger Day

To compete with SnapChat Facebook has rolled out Messenger Day. This Snapchat clone has over 5,000 effects, filters and more that you can add to photos and videos within your Messenger App. And just like Snapchat, Messenger Day items last only for 24 hours. It’s available in the Messenger app.


Businesses can use Messenger Day exactly like they use Snapchat.  Whether it’s adopted and begins to compete with SnapChat is yet to be seen.  It’s a move by Facebook to offer a comparable tool, which they also offer in a somewhat similar fashion in Instagram Stories.

New Inbox for Facebook and Instagram

Now businesses that use Instagram and Facebook only have 1 place to go to get Messenger messages, Facebook posts, and Instagram comments. Now you don’t have to sign into multiple accounts to keep abreast of what is going on.


You’ll save time and effort with this new inbox. And saving time is always a good thing.


These are not new, but totally worth a mention. Check out Instagram’s tools, Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse.  These are unique apps and features within the Instagram App itself.


Create one of a kind photos from your phone by combining, flipping and mirroring multiple photos into a single image.


Create mini-videos that do just that…boomerang!  They go out and come back.  It’s a catchy way to share content.


This app fixes shaky footage for you to create smooth timelapse videos.


These in phone apps make it easy for small businesses to create a polished presentation. The more polished your presentation the more professional your business looks to potential clients.

Show your production process using Hyperlapse to get your customers familiar with your product and quality.

Instagram Stories Ads are now available for all businesses

These ads are run through Facebook’s Power Editor and Ads Manager. These are cost per impression ads and support website clicks, website conversions and mobile app installs. The impression is measured as soon as the ads appear, which is different from Facebook video ads that must run for 3 seconds before the impression is counted. The viewer will know the video is an ad because of the small sponsored tag at the bottom center of the screen. The ads are skippable.


It will depend on your audience if these ads will be successful for your business. If your audience is on Instagram and views Instagram Stories, these ads are a good gamble.

Partner Tags

In an effort to keep influencers from breaking FCC regulations Instagram has rolled out Partner Tags. These tags allow brands to their promotional partners. This is still in the Beta stage, so don’t expect to see it on your page.


This will hopefully keep brands honest and make it easier for them to comply to FCC regulations.



This is the awesome new visual search tool for Pinterest. Point Lens at the item you want to search for and tap to find the item and related searches. Lens is still in Beta and it’s still learning what’s what.


This has great potential to help people find products, how to use the products, additional items needed or that coordinate with the product. This could turn into a sales tool that automatically upsells to the next level when the AI is trained and works as planned.

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