Later for Instagram: Help with your Instagram Marketing

Later for Instagram_ Help with your Instagram Marketing -315We all know a solid social media strategy requires consistency, organization, and timeliness. However, it is not always easy to stay on top of dozens of posts per month and a load of content. With Instagram growing massively in terms of users in the past year and adding many business marketing features, it’s a relevant platform for many businesses to have a strong presence on.

Need help implementing your Instagram marketing plan? There's an actually an app for that. Let's get acquainted with Later.

Top Features of Later

Later (formerly is a simple (and free!) app that helps keep your Instagram account updated with less effort. The Later app has the following features:


Have trouble keeping your page consistently updated? Later lets you pre-schedule your posts months in advance. Just upload your content and pick the publish date. Upload your photos in bulk, schedule when they roll out, and you're nearly done.  Simply stay current with your mobile device alerts and you can then easily roll posts out at the scheduled time. Plus, your pics are automatically organized in chronological order in the Media Library, saving you a good amount of time in a search.

Mobile App

Schedule your posts from virtually anywhere with your phone. In addition to a PC version, Later offers a mobile app that lets you create and schedule posts on-the-go.


Later lets you preview how your posts will look before they get sent. For an entire month, get a chronological calendar and gallery view of your posts as the audience will see them. This gives you a feel for the flow of the content and how each post fits thematically. Want to add more posts? Just drag an image from the gallery to the calendar.


Writing a proper caption on a mobile device can be nothing short of frustrating, With spacing issues appearing during the transition between mobile and desktop and difficulty typing on tiny keyboards, typos, and weird formatting can crop up in your posts. Later smooths out these kinks by keeping the spacing the same regardless of what device you draft the post on.

Want to go beyond a basic caption and hashtag? With Later, you can flesh out your brand's story. With the ability to start a post on mobile and finish it on a desktop. You can write the kind of engaging content that tells your brand's story and keeps the follower count rising.


Add your favorite posts from users in your community to your library with a simple click. You can search for content to repost through location, hashtags, and usernames. Once you've found the posts to share and added them, they can be dragged into the calendar like your uploaded images.


When it's time for your content to be scheduled, Later doesn't auto post as this goes against Instagram's terms of service. Instead, notifications are sent right to your phone. Tapping them sends you directly to Instagram, where your post is ready to be activated and sent out to your page.

Later makes managing your Instagram marketing efforts much easier. Schedule and edit posts in advance while staying on track. Gain control over your Instagram content with Later.



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