A Marketer's Quick Guide to SEO

quick guide to seo

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are well-known terms in the advertising industry, but not many people know how to properly create or maintain an SEO strategy. In order to run a successful, long-term campaign, it is first important to know what search engine optimization is, how it functions and how to run it. Let's dive into a quick guide to SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a strategy that allows your webpage to be ranked based on the keywords found within your site. When your website is highly ranked, you will in turn receive more views on your page. When this happens, you are more likely to build and maintain a loyal consumer base that trusts in your product. Search engine optimization helps boost your credibility as well; it does this by placing your content near the top of the Google search results page, which are often the most trusted websites people tend to click when searching for a product, service or idea.

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

When you create an effective SEO strategy, you are opening up a lot of doors for your content consumers. Search engine optimization, when done correctly, takes a look at keywords and competitor keywords in order to decide which content would run most efficiently and effectively. Professionals in the practice will often do competitor-based research and will often follow up with keywords to ensure that they are still providing a good enough return on investment for your brand. Picking out the right keywords and maintaining them over a long period of time can really boost your views online.

How Should You Run an SEO Strategy?

There are many people who attempt to run SEO campaigns by themselves or through their internal marketing department, but there are professionals, like any Calgary SEO Agency, that choose to dedicate their time to researching and refreshing keywords within web content to keep it relevant and consumable by your company's target audiences. Hiring a team of professionals to dive deeper into your webpages and the competition's content can help you refine even your most high-performing strategies.

Search engine optimization is a part of the overall umbrella of search engine marketing, but is special in its own way. If you lend enough time to looking into individual keywords and how they perform based on this quick guide to SEO, you, too can have a largely successful marketing campaign that not only brings in new business, but retains it as well.

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