Landing Page CTA Improvements to Increase Conversions

Landing pages on average convert at a rate of 9.7%, according to a HubSpot study.  What if you could double that rate with landing page CTA improvements?  Let’s look at some ideas on how!

Landing Page CTA improvements

In this post, we outline key landing page CTA improvements you can make to improve the conversions on your website. Listen in to learn more...

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Video: Landing Page CTA Improvements to Boost Conversions

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The Details on Landing Page CTA Improvements 

Yes, it is possible to generate more leads from your landing pages with carefully thought-out Call to Actions (CTAs).  Review your site for each of the following items:

1. Use ‘Action’ CTAs

CTAs are catchphrases that attempt to move the visitor or lead to take an intended action. So, the first step to success is to use a CTA with ‘action-oriented’ verbs that encourage the visitor to take action. 

Studies have shown that some of the most powerful action terms for CTAs are ‘Sign Up Now,’ ‘Get Started,’ ‘Discover Now’, and Buy Now.’

2. Use the Power of Color 

Many times your conversion button lags because it doesn’t stand out from the surrounding color scheme.  A red button on a site with red headers and footers can get lost. Generally, red, green, and orange buttons perform best overall. The key is contrast and something that visually stands out from the copy on the page.

3. Your CTA Button Size Matters!

Yes, size matters with CTA buttons. One of the big mistakes people I see people make is having a CTA button that does not stand out from the rest of the landing page copy. The button needs to be significant in size, and the key is that this size adjusts so that it is prominent on both desktop and mobile. This also means typically having a responsive button versus an image. The key is not to overlook your mobile landing page view. I have often seen the mobile view CTA button being far too small.

4. Generate a Sense of Urgency 

Another big mistake many pages make is failing to create a sense of urgency. Urgency begins typically with a deadline to take action. Things such as “Available for 48 hours” or “Limited to the first 25 people” are outlining an end limit or scarcity factor that can help drive actions to be taken.

5. Keep your CTA Visible

Another big factor is making sure that the action you want them to take is visible above the fold. This means that it is visible when the page first loads and the visitor does not have to scroll down to see the CTA.  By keeping it high on the page this ensures that it is visible to everyone and does not take additional action such as scrolling to actually get to it.  This is one of the most simple landing page CTA improvements that can make a significant difference in conversions.

6. Keep it Simple - A Singular CTA

It is also important not to have too many distracting messages on the same page. The more options you give, the fewer overall conversions you will see. A big mistake that many people make is having too much information and too many products or options on the landing page and thereby watering down the message. Keep the main CTA the main focus for that landing page. 

Definitely, in this case, the KISS principle works: keep it simple stupid.

7. Test and Adjust 

 At the end of the day, you need to know if your changes are working. I recommend you start with getting baseline data on how your page is performing now, then make some of these changes to improve it, and let that run for 2 to 4 weeks. Following that time period, then review that data and see what you learn from it and if you want to make some additional tweaks and changes to optimize further.

Take Action!

These are some quick tips to help you improve your landing page CTA. When implemented, these landing page CTA improvements can increase your conversions and your sales. 

Consumption, Subscription, then Transaction!

Remember, many people are not ready to buy right away and so the strategy of consumption, then subscription, and finally transaction is often the best route to go. This means giving some amazing content and value away that drives interest, creating an offer to subscribe that adds even more value and from which you can follow up with an email drip campaign or text message campaign, and then in the midst of those messages, you can offer the true sales proposition to get the transaction.


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