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 What's with the "Halftime" theme?


I'm a Hoosier native from the state of Indiana where basketball is HUGE!  I love basketball and believe it has parallels to life that are relevant for those seeking an edge in business today. Social Media has transformed business.  Today's business must be socially savvy, digitally relevant, and able to:

  • Respond quickly
  • Adapt each day
  • Understand the opportunities
  • Execute with excellence

All of these skills are also necessary in basketball.  So my podcasts reflect me.  No nonsense, straight, practical talk on social media and business marketing. I'm a student of the game of basketball from coaching my kids teams, to watching high school, college and pro basketball, I love to watch, learn, adapt, and coach others implementing the best strategies to help them improve.  I bring this over to social media marketing and business consulting for digital success.  I firmly believe that the "game" of social media marketing is in full swing and savvy marketers need to stop at "halftime" and take 20 minutes to reflect on the "first half".  Then, based on the learning's and insights gained in each "Halftime Mike Podcast", go out and execute the things learned to achieve success!


Volume 1, no. 1 is about Facebook Marketings with Photo Contests.

This episode of Halftime Mike is geared towards helping companies understand the value and potential that Facebook Contests can offer for increasing engagement, reach, and ultimately growing customers to increase sales.

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Links noted in Podcast:

- Smart URL in TabSite to allow mobile users and all users access to a contest:
- Best Practices for Promoting a contest:
- Case Study of a Facebook Photo Contest by a Photographer

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"Because the adjustments you make at halftime, help you win the game in the second half!"

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