Creative Ways to use LinkedIn to Drive Leads

creative-ways-to-use-linkedin-to-drive-leads-315As the professional social media network, LinkedIn is designed for business. It makes sense that it can help you drive high-quality business leads, maybe more than other social media networks can deliver. We explore creative ways to use LinkedIn to drive leads.

To maximize LinkedIn, you need to address these 3 key components: presence, activity, and strategy.


The first step is to establish a strong presence on LinkedIn. You can do this by completely filling out your profile – put in your real name, role, job description, and skills.

And of course, don’t forget to add a professional headshot. People like putting a face to the name when communicating.

Then create a company page where you can share relevant content, post updates, and build your brand.  Make sure your profile is following your company page.

The same goes for your staff – encourage them to create LinkedIn profiles if they still don’t have one, and then ask them to follow the company page. LinkedIn connector can help get new valuable contacts in connections.


Of course, creating a profile isn’t enough. LinkedIn is still a social media network, so you have to interact to get the most out of it. With this in mind, connect with others.

You can look up names of people you’ve worked with in the past and add them to your network. Or you can check out who visited your profile and consider making them a connection. Or sometimes, you have to be bold and send a message to someone you want to connect with. Who knows, they may add you back.

As for your company page, always add a call to action to your updates. This encourages followers to share your content within their own networks.


So you’re making connections through your profile and posting updates on your company page.

What’s next? Expand your activity by becoming active in at least five to seven relevant groups where you can make your (and your business’s) presence known to people in the same industry. But don’t be a member just to spam the group with marketing updates. Join discussions, offer advice, share interesting third-party content, and like comments.

Once you’ve been active in groups, consider making your own group and inviting people to join. If you’ve already established yourself as a helpful member of existing groups, the chances are that people would want to join yours.

If you’re bold enough, why not take it to the next level? Go through your groups and look for members who you’ve been interacting with regularly. If they’re in your local area (or if you’ll be in theirs), invite them to meet up for coffee at a public place. This is a great strategy when you’ll be attending the same conferences or industry events.

LinkedIn has erased a lot of barriers that limited traditional networking, use it now to make it work to your advantage.

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