10 Ways to Effectively Write Content and Use Keywords for SEO

Good content on SEO writing from my partner in Fort Wayne and our Digital Hill office SEO guru...

Always keep in mind the number one rule in SEO:  Whatever you do on your website you do it for the user first.  The biggest mistake I see people make when executing any type of SEO strategy is to "skirt" the system.

If you follow the ten simple steps below Google will have a clear understanding of what your website is all about.  Whether or not Google defines you as "most relevant" (#1) is truly up to you.  If you write high quality content and follow the rules below you will have one third of the SEO equation solved (Programming, Keywords, Backlinks).

1. Choosing the right keywords

When Search Engines spider the content of your website they ascertain a lot of information. When they are done they determine a "theme" for every individual page and an overall "theme" for your website. This is important to know because search engines define your theme based on the individual words and word combinations on the each page. They also look at backlinks, but that is another article.

So, in order to plan a successful web strategy a Site Map and Keyword Workshop should be done before any development takes place. There are dozens of free keyword tools out there on the web, but I recommend Google Keyword Tool.

Once you have done your Keyword Workshop and Site Map identify a primary and secondary keyword phrase for every page. You can have more, however you run the risk of over saturating your page and Google assigning an incorrect theme to that page or overall website. Here is an example for an internal eCommerce page of Web Design Fort Wayne.

Primary: eCommerce
Secondary: Web Design Fort Wayne

The primary keyword phrase should be different for every page. However, your secondary keyword phrase on all internal pages should be the primary keyword phrase for your home page. Your company name should never be a primary keyword phrase. If someone is looking for your company online they will find you.  Below is an example from Google Webmaster Tools showing what Google believes is the overall theme for Web Design Fort Wayne.

2. Every page should have over 250 words and less than 1000 words.  If you find that you need more than 1000 words for a page then consider creating subpages to break up the content.  Any words over 1000 Google does not index, but ignores.

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