What Is AgoraPulse?

What Is agorapulse

Today, there are many web-based apps on the market to help companies and individuals with social media management. While each caters to a specific aspect of social marketing, a rising star with great features is AgoraPulse.

AgoraPulse covers basically everything you could possibly need for social media marketing, monitoring, and management.

Focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram currently with more networks set to roll out shortly, it helps small businesses that are on tight social media marketing budgets have a complete tool like the Fortune 500 companies!

AgoraPulse has tools for everything from moderation to competitions. Most importantly, though, it’s sold at a price that most any business can afford. Below I’ll review some of the key aspects of AgoraPulse.

Comprehensive Analytics Tools

The analytics tools found in AgoraPulse are very similar to what you’d find in Facebook Insights. The difference here is that AgoraPulse’s tools are a lot easier to read.

Besides the interface, AgoraPulse also includes all kinds of reports that you won’t find in Facebook Insights. This includes post recommendations, average fan profiling, reach and engagement breakdown, page views, export into Powerpoint, ROI analysis and competitor analysis.

These tools allow companies to get more information on the people viewing and engaging with their business, so they can reach and serve their target audience better.



Originally the core feature of the tool, Facebook contests are still offered but have less prominence in the interface. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to setup and deploy a contest. There’s no CSS editing or extensive text formatting.

Practically everything is preconfigured to make it quick to create and launch. This is great for companies that want a simple process to launch contests on Facebook.



Creating and publishing content is key on social media networks and the management of this process is important. AgoraPulse does this well. Check out some of the reasons why below:

  • You can customize all kind of things in your post, like the heading, link description and image.
  • You can upload a picture right to the album you want on Facebook.
  • You can view all of your posts at once whether they’re published or not, thanks to a calendar style screen.



When it comes to moderating Facebook, it can be a bit tricky. Facebook lets you block specific words (like curse words), and sends notifications when a follower leaves a comment.

This is problematic for those large companies that have a huge following. With AgoraPulse, you can switch up the moderation rules based on the user’s’ comments. You can assign specific moderation tasks to different individuals. This gives you a strong administration role.

You can assign an account administrator that hand’s out moderation tasks manually, or you can have AgoraPulse send a notification email to the person you choose. This offers a quality way to manage comments and interactions.


iOS and Android Apps

One of the keys that in my opinion sets AgoraPulse apart is the powerful and slick mobile app. Available for Apple and Android users, the app has some great features. It allows easy publishing and scheduling.

As well, it offers access to on-the-go moderation and ability to enable notifications so that app users can be alerted immediately of key things such as comments and replies.

AgoraPluse 1



As mentioned previously, AgoraPulse is affordable for the small business. It costs as little as $19 a month for a small business that wants to manage one Facebook Page and Twitter account. This pricing can change depending on the AgoraPulse plan you choose.

AgoraPulse has a free trial option so individuals can try out this system before purchasing a plan. The trial lasts 15 days and allows you to try all the features so individuals get a true feel.

I’m blessed to count AgoraPulse founder Emeric Ernoult as a friend of mine. We’ve had friendly competition in the Facebook contest space with TabSite but I’ve got to say that the transformation of AgoraPulse to a complete social media management tool has been impressive.

They are a small team going up against big firms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social and they’ve done a great job carving out key user features that set them apart.