How to Stay Healthy While Working Remotely

How to Stay Healthy While Working Remotely

Lately, we have all, in one way or another, got more familiar with home working. Despite being challenging at the beginning to get used to, there are several benefits to working from home. And, as well, several important keys to stay healthy while working remotely.

To start with, you save time and money on commuting, not to mention that you can spend more time with people you love. However, having to move less to go to work most probably also affects your mobility, activity levels, and posture. On top of that, gyms are currently closed, meaning we have even fewer possibilities of being physically active.

Setting your working space in the right way is crucial for avoiding problems such as back pain, neck stiffness, and other musculoskeletal issues. Luckily, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate mobility and posture-related ailments. To learn more about how to help improve your posture when working from home, keep reading this essential guide we prepared for you.

Properly Position Your Laptop

The top of your monitor should be at eye level for better comfort. If you didn't follow the first tip of getting a keyboard and a mouse, use a chopping board or some books to make a ramp for your laptop. The idea is to have your computer elevated. If you feel more comfortable, you can also sit on the floor and place your monitor on a coffee table or a sofa.

Adjust Your Chair So It Fits Well

If you are sitting on a chair, make sure you set it at a height that allows your hands to fall comfortably on your keyboard when you bend your elbows to a ninety-degree angle. Also, don't forget to sit straight against the backrest to support your lower back and avoid putting pressure on your knees. If you need some assistance with that, try using a seat cushion like the ones from Posturion. An orthopedic seat cushion like that can help you sit in an upright position for long hours.

Get A Mouse and A Keyboard

It’s impossible to work from home or even start a home-based business without a comfortable set of tools. On top of that, most of the physical issues related to home working have to do with hunching over a laptop. 

So if you want to improve your working environment, there's no better investment than purchasing a keyboard and a mouse: you'll for sure notice the difference. You might even grab them from your (real) office if you can still go there.

Keep Your Body Moving While Working

Moving every half an hour for a few minutes can do more than what you think. Stretch your arms to the sides and upwards. Also, stretch the muscles of your back and walk around for a few minutes to keep your body active. If you have stairs, consider running up and down for some rounds.

Avoid Working On Your Sofa

We all know how tempting it can be to work on your comfortable sofa, but you must avoid doing so. It is hard to sit back on couches and have the right posture, and you might be tempted not to move around as much. If you haven't got a better place to work, ensure you set a timer to remind yourself to get up from time to time (I use Pomodoro technique for that).

Be Consistent With Workouts

Of course, you should not forget about working out! Even if gyms are closed, you need to find ways to maintain your muscle strength and keep your body healthy.

That's why you should plan some home workouts. Include some strengthening exercises, total body workouts, core training, and work your lower and upper body.

Strengthening your core will be of most help in maintaining good posture while working. Training that area of your body will make you sit upright naturally, without putting a strain on your upper and low back. Make sure you include planks, bird-bods, dead bugs, and anti-rotation exercises to your routine.

Workouts don't have to last long: 30 minutes a day (and these don’t even need to be vigorous) will be more than enough. If you don't know how to exercise at home, there are several online solutions and Youtube videos you can use. Make use of different resources and ensure your body stays healthy even when working remotely. Don't forget to allow some recovery time between your training sessions. The HSS Feel Better from Home is a platform with plenty of content to help you stay active from home.

Do Some Foam Rolling!

Even the most ergonomic and productive workspace won’t stop trigger points developing in your muscles (that’s just the nature of it). After a long day of sitting at a desk, some foam rolling can be the best way to help you stretch and mobilize your body. Focus on your chest muscles, your lats, and your back. Of course, if you have some time, don't hesitate to stretch your whole body!  Hopefully these tips help you stay healthy while working remotely.

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