Recent Facebook Updates as of May 18, 2017


Facebook and Social Media Updates for week ending 518

New Group Features for Facebook!!!!

Before people join your group, make sure they’re the right fit

Woo Hoo, now you can make sure the people who join your group are the right fit for your group. Facebook now gives admins the ability to ask people requesting group membership 3 questions.


If you’re using a group to generate leads for your products and services you can ask questions to better qualify your group members as actual leads.

Pages connecting to Groups

This is in the beta stage, so functionality is limited … Facebook is now allowing pages to post in groups as pages.  Pages are being prompted to tie a Group to their page at this time in a rollout.


This is awesome if you use a Page and a Group in your marketing plan. Instead of posting in your group as yourself (personal profile) and pushing all your connections to your personal profile you can now post as your Facebook Page and have your connections go to the place that best suits your purposes.

Facebook Messenger Day

Quick Reactions

Facebook has added one touch reactions and emojis to Messenger Day to encourage participation and engagement with content on the platform.

Promoting Custom Frames

Running a special event? Create a special frame just for your event. Now Facebook promotes your custom frame so your attendees use them and promote your event for you. Custom frames is a direct competitor for SnapChat geo filters.


Using Facebook Messenger for marketing is just in its infancy. I can see the possibilities for using Facebook Messenger Day at events and conventions. Quick replies and custom frames are both perfect for event marketing. When time is tight running from workshop to workshop a 1 click emoji or quick reply may make all the difference in your attendee’s engagement. Custom frames can be used by your attendees to spark outside interest in your event.

Facebook Introduces Offline Conversion Optimization to Lead Ads

Want to find out how many people that click on your Facebook ads actually purchase from you? Facebook has created an Offline Conversion solution. It’s a patch between your Facebook ads and CRM.


Now you can track someone through the sales cycle and map their purchase back to specific lead ads and campaigns. The ability to track sales and leads directly to social media marketing efforts is the next step in confirming the ROI of social media marketing.

Overall these are good moves that help the Facebook Marketer!  Are you using any of these now?

  • I am so excited over the Custom Frames! Facebook events have always needed to improve and I am anticipating the benefits of this new feature!