Global iGaming Market is Expected to Grow in 2023

Global iGaming Market is Expected to Grow in 2023

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly in the past couple of years. The main factors that contribute the most toward the rapid growth of the industry are the new technological advancements in online gambling that is very appealing, especially for the new generation of gamblers. Additionally, the legislation of online gambling on a global scale is pushing the industry to new limits and all-time highs. As a result, we will see rapid growth in the iGaming market in the next couple of years.

So, in today’s article, we will take a look at the upcoming trends of the iGaming market and find out what can we expect in the upcoming years.

iGaming Trends

A form of online gambling also referred to as e-gambling or internet gambling, involves placing bets and betting money over the internet.

A web-based version of traditional casino games like poker, sports betting, and casinos is available here. Betting on sports events online and earning money also happens through online gambling.  Just as important for igaming companies is igaming SEO. You can try to do it within your company or have igaming SEO with VelSEOity take care of it.

Mobile Gambling

During the forecast period, the market is likely to gain consumer traction due to the availability of cost-effective mobile applications for betting and online gambling. Globally, the growth of the online gambling market is expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones and the rising internet penetration.

Over the next few years, the major market players are expected to increase their investments in online gambling platforms and use innovative technology and software to propel market growth.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, which offers innovative features and functions to the mobile gambling industry, is likely to drive the market growth of online gambling.

Crypto Gambling

During the past half-decade or so, crypto technology has already spread around the world. Blockchain technology will continue to be used by innovators and disruptors for years to come.

It is expected that online casinos will accept crypto transactions on their platforms in order to accommodate a new form of payment for different types of online gamblers.

Higher Gambling Access

It is now becoming more common for government institutions to regulate gambling activities in their areas.

The fact remains that there will always be people who engage in gambling activities regardless of whether it is legalized or not. Taking steps to actively regulate these activities can benefit governments. They generate revenues from one of humanity's most popular pastimes.

Wearable Gambling

Last but not least, some online platforms are now looking into wearable technology such as smartwatches. Online gambling used to be exclusively possible on desktops and laptops in the past.

Eventually, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets began offering online gambling capabilities. Wearable tech like smartwatches is the next phase in that evolution.

The Growth of iGaming

Some different sources and publishers predict the growth of the global online gambling industry.

Different publications include different online gambling activities. This is why many future reports for the online gambling industry publish different results. According to Reportlinker, the global gambling market from 2023-2027 is expected to grow by $260.44 billion. This is accelerating at a CAGR of 7.1%.

The growth of the iGaming sector depends on many factors. However, all experts in the field agree that the next couple of years will be very beneficial for the industry. With all the changes that come and technological innovations, we will definitely see an increase in both globally generated revenue and active players that play online casino games.

That is why many iGaming companies are trying to upscale their SEO efforts to play their cards in this competitive market. You can look for the services of iGaming SEO agency Fortis Media if you own a business in this niche.


These are just a few of the innovations that are expected to revolutionize the online gambling market. In order to accommodate these new trends, different industries will have to modify their operations and services. Especially, as technology becomes more impressive and widespread.

Despite land-based casinos' long-term viability, the iGaming market is predicted to maintain and even exceed its current economic dominance.

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