Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips

Are you attracting enough visitors to your website?  

Do you have an "attraction plan"?  Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips in the Digital Marketing Funnel is all about what you need to do at the TOP of your funnel.

You NEED to be attracting more of the right top of visitors.  I talk about how to do this...

Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content in the Digital Marketing Funnel

In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into the "Attraction" area of the digital marketing funnel.  What it is, what you need to do, and how it works!

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Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content in the Digital Marketing Funnel

Here's a window into the total digital marketing funnel outline and note "Attract" at the top of the funnel which is our focus today.

Digital Marketing Funnel 1.21.16

1.  What is Attraction Content

An attraction piece of content is typically a blog post or resource article on your website.  It is not a product listing.  An attraction article is not a "selly-sell" over-hyped push-to-buy type of material but rather something that is useful to the reader and by which you can be found and discovered by those searching for answer to that type of situation/problem/scenario.

Attraction content is resource-rich.  It  adds value and is for building reader trust, as well as for building interaction.  It is also focused on attracting the right people.  Those "right people" are your target buyer demographic.  The "would-be excellent client" type you want more of.

Attraction content is also a style of social media posting.  It includes posts in social media that are informative, inspirational, and educational.  These posts connect with the audience on a more social and community level, rather than on a product/service specific level. It doesn’t always have to be a product or a service but a “how to” ...think quality, valuable information that is resource rich.

My big three ideas are that to be an "Attraction" piece of content it must do one of these three things:

  • Entertain
  • Educate, or
  • Provide an Experience.

top of funnel

Attraction has to be inspirational, something people feel good about. It can be in the form of video, image and links leading to a content.

2. Why it Matters.

Because we are looking for ways to reach new people, not just any people, but the right kind of people.  If you want to continue to grow sales, you need to reach more and more of the same type of buyer that is your best client.

Attraction is your means of simply doing that...attracting.

If 5% of people are ready to buy what you have right away.  How many do you need to be reaching weekly to achieve your sales goals?

That's right, the majority of people you attract will not be seeking to buy right way.  However, since we know that it takes 7 points of contact before people have enough information to Know, Like, and Trust us enough to buy from us, it's key to get this multi-touch approach started.

3. Key Issue Today:  Too Many are Skipping this Step!

The major issue today is that we do so much push of our products for people to buy, being all "salesy" that we turn people off.  We actually see many businesses skipping "Attraction" all together.  They want to drive right to the sale and it doesn't work!

It's like that rude dude on the blind date that pushes for a home run.  Grow up and mature!

Old-school marketing was all "push".  From billboards to magazine ads and more, but today, being social is at the forefront.  People need to like you before they will want to do business with your company and buy your product!

4. TIPS: Attraction Content


Video works!  Images are needed.  Too much text without enough imagery or ability to skim can kill your content!


Starbucks’ Global month of Service post – social in style, multiple image, showed people having fun, inspirational. It mobilize 275 volunteers to get 8,000 community service project done and it attracted likes and responses - 1100 shares, 46k reaction.

Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips

Marriott Marquis Hotel San Diego – post “We <3 Craft Beer” tells people what they can do in San Diego and where to go to when looking for event.  They are being a RESOURCE!


Pacemaker Buildings is a Post-Frame Builder.  They recognize people decide slowly to build a building and they research quite a bit.  So, Pacemaker is seeking to use an "Attraction Content" strategy to reach their ideal customer.

Example one is a post about keys for a Equestrian training building.  Why?  They have had success with clients needing equestrian facilities.  So, someone seeking to build a equestrian building is likely doing research and they can find this article and discover/be attracted to Pacemaker Buildings!   Post Frame Building Equestrian Facilities

Online Marketing Success: Attraction Content Tips

Another example from Pacemaker is a blog post (they call it their Resource Center! [Brilliant!]) about exterior design options in Post-Frame buildings.  Why? Because those thinking about building are thinking about this topic!

Answer questions. Be a resource.  Add value!  Exterior Design Options Attraction post

Attraction along with engagement (another episode) needs to be about 50% of your content mix on a weekly basis!  It will be about 50% of your website content.  It's helps you be found, trusted, and it helps you be top-of-mind.

So what’s your key takeaway from this?

What do you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening?

Share below!

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