Why New Content is Essential to Being Found on Search Engines


New fresh content is essential for your website. What’s the need for regular, new web content? Why not just trust the blog posts and videos you’ve already published on your website to sustain you in search ranking position and get you the leads and sales needed?

This is a question many marketers are asked at some point, especially when you have to account for the return on investment of the content marketing efforts. While the need for foundational website content is quickly understood, adding to the information on the site when you already have what is thought to be more than enough content pieces gathering dust on the internet may feel wasteful.

Yet, it’s not. There are six very important reasons to regularly create fresh website content for your company website and they include the following:

Fresh content = frequent indexing

Why would you want search engines to frequently index your pages? Simple – the more times these engines stop to look at your website/blog, the greater the chances of achieving a higher ranking in a search engine.

Typically, whenever you create new content, you’re also likely going to be presenting fresh information – information that wasn’t previously available on your site. Fresh indexing is the only way search engines can discover this new information. If the new information is on a topic currently in demand, rest assured of improved ranking.

New content = more keywords

If you think that keywords are no longer useful in achieving higher SEO ranking, think twice. According to a 2018 article on SearchEngineLand, keywords are currently the second most important ranking factor, only after links. Indeed, even RankBrain, Google’s new AI-powered algorithm, was designed for the primary purpose of helping the search company better understand keywords. The more relevant search phrases you have on your website, the more likely you’re to rank favorably. Fresh content is the only way to boost your keyword numbers.

Fresh content get more clicks

If upon a Google search a user finds new posts alongside posts they’ve come across before, they’re more likely to click on a new post. Why? Because our brains are naturally attracted to new things!

From various studies, it’s apparent that the brain treats novelty as a reward. In one experiment, psychologists used fMRI imaging to see how the brain reacts to novelty. Findings showed that the SN/VTA area (novelty center of the brain) is most stimulated by novel things. This same habit causes search engine users to click on new content pieces.

Keeps users engaged

In addition to getting more clicks, new content pieces also help keep users engaged. From emails to blog posts and social media posts, fresh new content is essential. Whenever you provide something new, shares, replies, comments, likes, etc go up. This doesn’t mean that old content pieces are not engaging. It only means that if you want to keep excitement levels up, then posting something new from time to time is paramount. And, no, it doesn’t have to be a 50-page industry report. If it’s something they haven’t seen before, your fans will be excited to read, share, tweet, and re-tweet it. Any spike in engagement levels is good for SEO.

Keeps your audience up to date

Fresh content is essential to keep your audience up to date which can translate in better SEO performance. Let’s say that you’re adding a new security feature to your site to better protect consumer information. This is information all your customers will want to know.

If you were to publish a blog post on the same, the majority of your audience will eagerly click through to learn about the changes. The same applies when launching a new product or upgrading your services.

It boosts brand authority

We live in an information age. Whether you market to end consumers or other businesses, information rules! If you have vital information first, you’re guaranteed attention. Just look at the competition in the tech market, for instance. What do the market leaders have that others don’t? Is it not new technology? What about the automotive industry? What makes the likes of Tesla and Volkswagen industry heavyweights? Fresh ideas, right? This same principle applies in content marketing; constantly providing something new gives you authority.

Aside from the above points, providing fresh new content is essential every few days to boost loyalty and create new link building opportunities. These too can help boost SEO performance. Content marketing is a good idea for any business that wants to rank well on Google and stay in top positions.

Mike Gingerich is President of Digital Hill Multimedia (, a Goshen web design and marketing agency. He is also a co-founder of and, leading software tools for contests and lead capture, and author of the book Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation. Find out more at

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