How to Use Facebook Rights Manager to Guard Your Business Content

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Facebook Rights Manager is a tool designed to help content creators better manage and control ownership of their videos and images. For years, Facebook and Instagram content creators have only been able to claim ownership of their videos, and it wasn't until September 2020 the platform launched Rights Manager for Images.

How Facebook Rights Manager Works

This powerful content ownership and management tool isn't readily available to everyone. According to Facebook, only page admins or editors can apply to access Rights Manager. This tool is also only accessible via Creator Studio, so is not available on mobile devices.

To get started with Rights Manager, you need to provide a copy of the videos or images you want to protect. Here you can choose as many videos and pictures to claim ownership on. You can also decide whether to apply ownership rights globally or only in specific geographical locations. Additionally, there’s an option to grant permission to specific pages to upload your copyrighted content.

For these content ownership controls to work, you don't need to post the videos or images on Facebook or Instagram. All you need to do is click "match" once you're done customizing the tool's settings. If matching content is found, you can choose to take action. The options available when taking action include:

  • Allow and permit the matching content.
  • Report and block its use through a take-down request.
  • Choose to attribute credit to yourself via an ownership link.

Why is Facebook Rights Manager important for Businesses?

Any business that uses Facebook and Instagram to market their products or services can tap into the power of this tool to ensure business integrity and enhanced protection of their Intellectual Property. Here is how Rights Manager is beneficial for businesses.

Enhanced Content monetization

If you create content and monetize it, you can now be sure that nobody will benefit from your creation. Therefore, this tool also gives you the right to claim ad revenue through claim monetization rights.

Rightful engagement of your content

In the past, people could use someone else's videos or images to drive traffic to their page and even gain fame. Rights Manager now easily detects this and alerts you.

No Content Misuse

For businesses that regularly suffer the cost of digital disinformation due to misleading images and videos, Rights Manager solves these issues with ease.

Convenient Brand Marketing

Rights Manager gives photographers, artists, and branded businesses the freedom to set their own rules. Additionally, businesses and brands can reach the right audience without online content spoilers. Photographers, for example, can now post their images and get the much-needed traffic from one source - such as their own Facebook or Instagram accounts without frustrating middlemen.

Rights Manager also gives content creators a third highly effective option that finds and matches images that have been used as embeds. Here, the content creators can choose to block, allow, or monitor the content. This is quite a breakthrough for creatives looking to take their IP to the next level.

Wrapping it up

While Facebook Rights Manager is quite robust and functional, it's not the only tool you can use to protect your content. Furthermore, if you're a content creator who occasionally faces issues with your videos or images, you can choose to use the Facebook IP reporting form. The latter allows you to report all matching content at one time.

By using Rights Manager, you can easily monitor your content and choose the best course of action for duplicate content. This way, you can avoid the shady marketers who would otherwise take credit for what is rightfully yours.

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