Moving Business Processes Online

Businesses have been forced to look at how they handle operations, including moving business processes online, since the COVID-19 pandemic has closed many businesses and forced many others to work from home.  As we look at re-opening and ongoing work-from-home scenarios, businesses need to continue to adapt and find ways to allow business to continue with remote teamwork and online sales.

moving business processes online

Let's dive into business process options for doing things remotely.

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Diving into the Details: Moving Business Processes Online

Ensure Email access Anytime Anywhere:

Businesses definitely do not want their team tied down to a desktop only client like older Outlook versions so that they cannot access and send work email outside the office. Be sure you are moving communication and business processes online by looking at going cloud-based with tools like the following:

  • Outlook 365
  • Google Mail
  • Webmail

Accounting Software / ERP

Traditional accounting software has often been loaded to a computer and is tied to that computer.  That worked fine when everyone was together in an office but not when people are separated and working remote.  Due to this, accounting is a key area for moving business online.  Tools to consider include:

File Sharing and File Management

Sharing digital files whether they are Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, or images and design files.  Teams need ways to share digital files easily without emailing everything and this is where cloud-based file sharing comes into the picture as a key tool in moving business online. Options include:

  • Dropbox - Seamless with your existing file structure on your computer once moved into Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Project Management

Assign projects, tasks, and have clear deadlines.  Also, ensures a way to keep teammates informed and provides a central place for notes, files, and information on a project.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Tools to help your team manage information on prospects and customers from one central location accessible online is critical.  CRM's include additional powerful features for drip marketing and other sales/marketing tools.

Other related tools include tools for email marketing, SMS text message marketing systems, and social media scheduling systems.

Video Conferencing:

If there is one thing that has exploded during COVID-19 it’s the need to be able to meet with team members, prospects, and customers “in person” which is available via videoconferencing. Zoom has been the leader but there are other options!

  • Zoom - free 40 minute, paid version for longer
  • 8x8 - free unlimited version
  • Facebook’s Messenger Rooms - Brand new and rolling out for up to 50 people
  • - free unlimited version


For presentations and top of the funnel sales efforts.  This is “one-to-many” presentation versus a small group meeting with videoconferencing.

  • Zoom
  • GotoWebinar
  • Webex


It might be time to start selling some products online!

Web Private Portals

Offer your dealers, distributors, customers and more a more personalized experience and access to materials that were formerly emailed, mailed, or faxed.

  • Dealer portals - order modules, sales materials, communication materials, marketing materials, inventory, parts, claims, warranty registrations
  • Customer portals
  • Partner / Vendor portals 

Customer Care and Support Process

Make it easy for people to reach you and get their needs taken care of.  This features can help:

  • Website Chat
  • Website Support Areas
  • Registrations - Events, Warranty
  • Parts and Claims

Social Media

For getting information and updates out, social media can't be beat.  People are spending loads of time online these days.

Use social as a support tool.

Consider Live video updates.  Use tools to schedule posts out.  Photos and videos are needed.

SMS Text Message Marketing

An area of growth and expansion today is with using sms text message marketing systems to reach consumers on mobile.  People read their texts and so if you can get them to opt-in you can reach them with updates and deals.  Check out this loaded SMS text message marketing guide from Jook SMS.

3 Tips to Avoid Work From Home Burnout

From Harvard Business Review article 

Maintain Physical and Social Boundaries 

You have to find work routines.   Put on your work clothes every morning—casual Friday is fine, of course.

Maintain Temporary Boundaries

If you have childcare or child nap items going on, identify those and put those into the calendar.  Alert team members you will not be accessible from 9-10 am for example as you get your kids started on their work.

Focus on your most important work

This is not the time for peripheral projects. Team members should be devoting their energy to top-priority issues. It is not business as usual.  It is business in the unusual and we need to focus to survive.

That’s a wrap on key tools and processes for moving business online.  

Final Takeaway

What does your business need to do to overcome gaps in any of these areas so that your business can survive and thrive today?  Any questions on moving business online?  Let me know!

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