Make Recurring Income By Promoting Clickfunnels

Make Recurring Income By Promoting Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is an amazing software that allows you to create sales pages, landing pages, and working sales funnels to generate more sales. You can even make a hefty income by promoting several products owned by clickfunnels.

The software Clickfunnels has become immensely popular because of its features and amazing benefits. You can easily become an affiliate and use all their products and services to earn money. Clickfunnels as of now has 18 products that you can use. You can even earn a passive income every month by promoting them.

Stay right with us as we explain how you can make money by promoting Clickfunnels.

Why Should You Promote Clickfunnels?

For starters, you might think why even bother promoting their products. In that case, how does recurring revenue sound like?

When you promote a Clickfunnels product, a special link stays attached to it. Whenever someone uses that link and purchases a product, you will get a certain commission.

After that one purchase, whenever that person buys anything, you will get a commission.

Meaning, you will have to sell only one product to one person and then enjoy recurring commissions for whatever he buys the rest of his life. Clickfunnels use sticky cookies to track all the affiliates and keep records of the commissions.

Many people go through clickfunnels affiliate training programs to get acquainted with the different methods you can use to promote their products.

What Can You Promote?

Clickfunnels has 18 products. Some of them are even free books. All the products have their own materials like images and banners to help you advertise. Once you have become an affiliate, you can promote whatever product you want.

Each product has a different commission rate. So it will be better first to check the information about the products on their website and then decide which product you want to advertise.

If you can get 100 people to sign up to Clickfunnels by promoting their products, you will receive $500 every month.

Earn Money By Using Share Funnels

This is another way you can earn money by promoting or advertising Clickfunnels. Once you use Clickfunnels, you will also start using their pre-built funnels or create your funnels. These funnels can be shared with others.

And all these funnels have special links attached to them. If someone clicks on these links after you have shared your funnel, they will be taken to a page that will have a video explaining things about your funnels and the entirety of Clickfunnels.

If that person is not an existing affiliate then he will be taken to a sign-up page where he can opt for a 14-day free trial to use Clickfunnels. After the 14th day, if the person continues using Clickfunnels, you will get an affiliate commission.

This feature is extremely useful and allows you to earn big bucks as an affiliate.

Share The One Funnel Away Challenge

The one funnel away challenge is a 30-day virtual training program. This program will be run by Russell Brunson, creator of Clickfunnels, along with  Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. They will teach everything there is to know about building funnels and will share their funnel recipes.

This is a fast-paced training session and teaches the participants to better use Clickfunnels and generate sales.

This challenge can be shared with others.First You will have to buy it at $100 and then share it. Since this is a share funnel you will receive commissions when other non-affiliates take on this challenge. 

This program not only teaches you to be better at using Clickfunnels it also gives you the chance to make passive income simply by promoting it. All these things have made the one funnel away challenge the most popular product to be promoted.

How To Promote Clickfunnels

Since you are now an affiliate, you can advertise this amazing software in many possible ways. But there are definitely a few ways that have had better success in the past.

Here are a few methods top affiliates use to promote and advertise their Clickfunnels...

Proper Email Marketing

People working with affiliate marketing, blogging, and SEO often use email marketing to boost up their sales. It is a common method used by almost everyone.

But just because it is common does not make it easy. You have to provide value to your customers to grab their attention. You can not be expecting all sales and no return. The best formula for email marketing to work is to use 20% sales and 80% value in return.

You can create a landing page or business page first and get a list of your potential clients. Or use tools to target specific websites. Then you can send an email to reach out to them and potentially sell your Clickfunnel product.

Use Social Media Platforms(Facebook & Youtube)

Facebook and Youtube have millions of people online every day. On Facebook, you can promote using your own profile. Or create a Facebook group with trustworthy people and then start promoting. Add a downloadable sheet with all the shareable links and create a time schedule when the links should be shared.

Youtube is another great platform to advertise. Here you can make many videos about Clickfunnels. For example, you can create small tutorial videos, how-to guides, and even share your story of how you are earning through Clickfunnels.

Optimize the videos using some proper keywords and headlines and attach the share funnel links in the description

Promote Using Ads

Facebook would be your best bet when putting ads. With millions of people online every day you are bound to receive engagement. But sometimes it can be time-consuming.

It is best to use split tests to see what type of ads drive the most traffic and use those data to add more engaging ads in the future.

Final Thoughts

Remember, clickfunnels is not your golden ticket to quick and easy cash. However, it pays off when you put in the right amount of effort, dedication, and planning. You can get a sizable side income simply by promoting their products and if you are serious enough, you can even turn it into your full time earning source.

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