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Major social media networks just rolled out several updates that you should know about as a business owner. These recent changes affect the way you do online marketing, all for the better:


Businesses with physical stores can take advantage of the new features in Facebook’s dynamic ads. These ads are designed to direct in-store traffic. Retailers can upload their latest inventory to Facebook and wait for the targeting feature to do its job. which is to detect a viewer’s location and present the corresponding inventory of a store within the area. This is meant to encourage the viewer to visit the neighborhood store instead of just browsing online.


Instagram finally releases its “save as draft” feature to all users, allowing everyone to make, edit, and save draft posts with the intention of publishing them later instead of right away. Scheduling posts is still not an option, but it does allow users to prepare posts ahead of time.

Instagram ads now have bigger CTA buttons and CTA prompts to increase engagement. The CTA section also contains additional details which are made visible to users who show interest in an ad by zooming it out or playing it (if it’s a video). Speaking of videos, users are now redirected to a destination URL if they choose to unmute a clip.


Pinterest launched the Promote button, a new feature that enables owners of business accounts to promote regular pins in less than 10 seconds. On top of this, they will pay for an ad only when a visitor clicks it, helping them increase brand awareness within their target market without having to spend a lot.


As a way to represent the company’s expansion into wearable tech and beyond, Snapchat just rebranded to Snap Inc. It also released Spectacles – sunglasses that allow users to film short videos from a first-person perspective and upload them directly to the app. Priced at $129.99, Spectacles will be on sale in several hip colors this late fall.


Many brands use Twitter to engage directly with followers. So it’s good that accounts can now indicate that they provide customer service whenever people search for them, find them through direct messages, or mention them in a Tweet. Availability hours are more visible.

Twitter still hasn’t expanded their 140-character limit, but they’re no longer including attachments in the count. This means users can post polls, upload photos, and videos, and retweet quotes without eating up the already-limited space. Sharing is much easier now.


The recent introduction of Insights to YouTube Creator Studio will allow users to get customized and real-time updates whenever something big happens on their channel. Like a jump in views or a spike in engagement. This means creators will know what gets fans interested and exactly when to engage with them.

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