Social Media Updates for November 23rd

Social Media Updates for November 23rdHappy Thanksgiving! I love this US holiday! I love the abundance of food and the abundance of sports on TV. But most of all I love the time with family and friends. This is the best time to reflect on all the blessings of the year and to let my blessings know, out loud, how much they mean to me.  Even if you do not have “Thanksgiving” in your country, I encourage you to take a few minutes to stop and reflect on what you have to be thankful for, and to ensure those you love know you are thankful for them!


Facebook Community Boost

A new program Facebook is introducing will help US small businesses grow. Facebook is stepping up and helping people and businesses build their digital marketing skills. The Facebook Community Boost will bring this unique training opportunity to 30 cities in 2018. Businesses will learn how to expand their digital footprint and find new customers using Facebook. Job seekers and entrepreneurs will sharpen their digital, coding and social media skills.  Check out some of Facebook’s training resources here.


The US is expected to have at least 1 million computing jobs by 2024. Facebook is helping to equip people for these crucial roles with this initiative. No news on how much these trainings will cost.

New Facebook App: Facebook Creator

This new app will help video creators get inspired with creator success stories, get the latest news about products and updates, learn new tips and tricks for Facebook video and get support and answers to your burning Facebook video questions. Right now the app is only available for Apple product users. But Android is coming soon.


As video take an ever larger place in marketing it will be more important to stay up with the latest features and tips. Being a part of a community that’s trying to accomplish the same thing as you with video can be such a support. The app will even help with video promotion.


Influencer Paid Partnership Labels for Instagram

Instagram helps influencers and businesses obey the FTC law that demands people disclose when they’re receiving income from a product or service they’re promoting. Instagram has added a tool to make disclosure simple and quick. The new tool is similar to the one that Facebook now uses.


Instagram is monitoring Influencers posts to make sure the content disclosures are added as needed. It has been inferred that these Instagram disclosures will completely satisfy government requirements and are favored by the regulatory agency. Now it’s easy to obey the FTC laws.


Twitter Officially Adopts 280 Characters

Whether you love it or hate it… It’s now official! Twitter now allows tweets of up to 280 characters.


I don’t really think this will make any difference for businesses. We do need to see if user experience grows, lessens, or is not impacted.

Thanks for joining me this week! I’ll be back with more social media network updates next Thursday.