Facebook Updates for November 16th

Facebook Updates November 16th

With the holiday season upon us, sales are critical to meet year-end projections. Several of the innovations I mention this week are specifically to help brands make their customer experience journey more fluid and seamless. Let’s take a look.


Instagram Polls Moving to Facebook

Facebook is taking another successful Instagram feature and bringing it to Facebook, the 2 question poll feature. These have been a popular feature for Instagram and Facebook hopes to replicate this success.


There are countless uses for polls … new desserts for the menu, new product features, new styles and outfits for retail fashion.

Facebook Messenger Brings Live Chat and Bots to Websites

As customers become more and more multi-device driven the quest to have a single customer chat area that can be used irregardless of the device the customer is on. But even better yet, have a chat that can go from a desktop to a phone in milliseconds. And the chat has to be accessible and usable in a work environment where multiple users can easily access and see what’s happening in the chat. In comes Facebook Messenger with live chats.

Facebook now has a plugin that allows their live chat feature to be used on a website. This has been an option for WordPress websites for quite a while. But instead of a 3rd party developer that relies on the Facebook API for Messenger/Chat access Facebook has built the plugin which will seamlessly and effortlessly integrate a site with Messenger/Live Chat. This feature is in beta testing right now.


This is an awesome tool for airlines. Need to change flight time or your flight is postponed? A customer can go from speaking with customer service on their desktop at home to jumping in a car and continuing the conversation on their phone.

I would think that there are many applications this could be used for with retail sales. What industry would you use this for?

Facebook Buys tbh, the Anonymous App for Teens

In an effort to win the hearts of the teen market Facebook has bought the tbh app. This app lets middle and high school students swap compliments by participating in anonymous polls/quizzes. Tbh was launched in September and already has 5 million users.


Right now the app has not be commercialized, but imagine bands and pop stars crowdsourcing song lyrics. Or brands crowdsourcing new product features. This could be big for businesses that focus on the teen market.

Facebook Launches Collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

To boost the use of Facebook Stories Facebook groups and events are now able to contribute to a Facebook story. Now a story can be told from several different story angles. These stories will be found at the top of the newsfeed. Stories can be used as a private hashtag so lots of people can add content but only those involved with the story can see it.


Start a story for a Wedding or other event and let the guests add their own unique perspective. This gives events and attractions an amazing resource for user-generated content.

Facebook Targets Ad to People Based on Store Visits, Purchases and Phone Calls

Retargeting ads rock! They’re a great way for your business to stay in front of people who are interested in your products and services but haven’t purchased yet.

Now brands can create custom audiences from anyone that Facebook has tracked as visiting a brand’s location within 30 days. Facebook’s Offline Conversions API, which is plugged into the store’s point-of-sale system, can send customer info to Facebook which then can be used in a Facebook Ad campaign.


With the customer experience spanning in-store visits, mobile website visits, and desktop website contacts this gives a brand an edge. During this holiday season, people will be looking for the perfect gift, but your brand is more likely to be the perfect choice the more that buyers see you whether in person or via websites and messaging.

Thanks for joining me this week! I’ll be back with more social media network updates next Thursday.