Facebook and Instagram Updates for February 8th

Facebook Updates

We’ve seen some major social media updates this year and it’s only February! Here are a few key ones to keep you up-to-date and on track with your social media marketing…

Facebook Updates

Facebook Makes Major Changes to the Newsfeed Algorithm

This is the BIG one!

In an effort to make sure people have “meaningful interactions”, Facebook is limiting the number of posts from business pages in the newsfeed. They will also add more posts from friends and family in the newsfeed, particularly ones that promote positive engagement.


This is a big shakeup.

But I don’t think it’s as bad as it sounds. We only had a 1-10% post reach for business pages before the change typically per post. Facebook has been pushing businesses to paid ads for quite awhile and now it’s official. If you want your business page to have significant reach, you’ll need to pay for it or create engaging content that will take thought and strategy.  It’s possible, it just will take more careful work and testing.

Upcoming Facebook Community Boost Events

In it’s commitment to small business users, Facebook announced 5 dates for their Community Boost Events between now and June all over the country.


I’ve attended one of these local city events.  These are amazing events to attend if you’re a small business using Facebook to build your business or it you want to build your job skills in social media marketing. These free events are a wealth of information to help you be successful.  Watch for cities near you hosting, and be sure to sign-up as the events typically sell out.

Instagram Updates

Carousel Ad’s coming to Instagram Stories

The interesting thing about Carousel Ad’s being added to Instagram Stories is that now Instagram stories can now include 3 different types of media!


Now businesses can be more creative with their ads in Instagram Stories and can tell better “stories” with the ability to use multiple types of media.

Instagram Type Mode for Stories

Similar to Facebook text posts with colorful graphic backgrounds and special fonts, but only for Instagram Stories. These colorful and expressive posts allow another means to communicate and share more in the Stories area.


These are a quick and easy way to grab attention in Instagram Stories. These should help businesses post quickly when time is an issue, and to creatively communicate quick snippets.  Look for Stories to continue to grow in use and more ways for marketers to potentially reach their followers.

2018 has been fast and furious for social media changes!  Any questions or thoughts on the latest changes?

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