Facebook and Social Media Updates for Week Ending April 21, 2017

It’s time to give you the latest updates in social media for Facebook and beyond!  We’ve been on a roll this year with some pretty significant shifts and this period was no less eventful!


Group payments in Facebook Messenger

You’ve been able to receive a payment from a single person for the past couple of years. But now Facebook has made payments through the messenger app more like using Venmo.

Venmo is popular with Millennials splitting dinner checks and the rent. Now Facebook users don’t have to leave the Messenger app. They can make a date with a group of friend, arrive at the destination and split the bill all from one app. Convenient!


If you’re a restaurant, you may want to give a large party this payment option … you’ll get the payers Facebook account/email info for future use.

M, Your Personal Content Assistant is now in Facebook Messenger

Want a cool sticker or gif to really express your emotions in Facebook Messenger? Now M will give you suggestions. This is the beginning of bots in chat or Chatbots.  Here are a few of the options she’ll suggest to you within Messenger.

  • Stickers
  • Sharing your location
  • Making plans
  • Polls
  • Getting a Ride
  • Paying or requesting money


Now communicating with a client one to one on Facebook Messenger can be easy and productive! With these AI suggestions, adding features is just a click away. More visuals equal more engagement with your clients.

Facebook Tools Against Misinformation

Facebook is taking a stand against fake news. They’re employing 3 initiatives to help curb the spread of false news.

First, because most of the time false news is financially motivated, they’re disrupting economic incentives.

Second, Facebook is building new products to help reduce the spread of false news

When people encounter false news they are implementing measures that will help people make more informed decisions about the news.

Finally, there will be a new tool on the top of a mobile newsfeed that will help people recognize false news when they see it. People who click on the tool will see more info and resources at Facebook help. These resources will cover how to check the URL of the website the news is from, investigating the source of the news and how to look for other reports on the topic.

Free Version of Facebook Workplace

This is Facebook’s competitor for Slack to be used by businesses. The free version will be called Workplace Standard and will not have the analytics capability of the paid version of Workplace Premium. All in all Workplace Premium is really affordable at $3 per person for the first 1000 users, $2 up to 10,000 and $1 per person after that.


This Slack competitor by Facebook allows your employees to collaborate online with live Facebook Live Video sessions. Slack doesn’t have this capability at the present.

It’s a competitor to the fading Google Hangouts as well and an interesting concept.


New Desktop Capabilities

Now with the Windows10 Instagram app, you can send photo and video as direct messages from your desktop!

You still can’t upload posts to your profile though. Hopefully, that’s coming soon!


This new addition should be helpful with customer service for businesses.  It’s a “next step” in Instagram “growing up” into a full-service social network with broad business use.

New Disappearing Direct Messages

Instagram has disappearing content in Stories but they went further and have now added it to Direct Messages. This is convenient for users and another way businesses can engage in the “here and gone” preferences of a younger demographic.


It’s a direct attack on SnapChat and is really a user game-changer.  It also is another move forward in Instagram creating its own messaging platform, Direct.


Introducing Lead Generation Forms for LinkedIn

If you’re in a B2B business then LinkedIn Ads could be your ad sweet spot. Now LinkedIn to make these ads even more enticing for advertisers has introduced Lead Generation forms.

These types of forms are popular on Facebook and Twitter so I’ve been wondering when LinkedIn would follow their lead.


These new forms will make it easy for advertisers to collect leads, measure the ROI of the ad and also manage the leads you’ve gotten with the form.

If you’re B2B this may be an excellent option for limited budgets.

Whew!  Is your head spinning?  The changes keep coming.  I’ll try to keep you updated!

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