How to Successfully Advertise Yourself Online When Job Hunting

Looking for a new job is daunting and stressful, especially when you aren’t currently in employment or have another source of lifeline, like a parent or friend’s couch you can live on for a while. You want to find work fast and with a company that is a good fit for you. If you don’t, you will either hate your work for years or find yourself in the job-seeking pool again in no time at all. Thankfully there are many different tactics and strategies you can use to become immediately more hirable and impressive than the other candidates, and it all lies in your digital persona and online presence.

If you can nail these steps, you will have successfully advertised yourself online to any job requirement professionals.

  • Tailor Your Online Presence for Your Future Career

If you don’t think employers Google you, think again. You need to go through and audit your online presence so that you can showcase a professional and clean persona to anyone who searches for you online. It doesn’t mean you need to delete every personal thing you have posted, but just that you go through your security settings on your social media accounts and hide what you don’t want employers to see. On Facebook, you can create a select list for your coworkers so that you can have a professional account and personal account all on the same page. For other platforms like Twitter or Instagram, it is best to either keep it private or to audit through what you have. There are plenty of high profile celebrities and employees who have been fired for content they posted years ago, and while it is unlikely this will happen to you, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tip: Delete all old and outdated accounts you have signed up to. Not only can these be embarrassing, but they are also a huge security risk to your personal data and professional life. An old account that doesn’t have high-security fields can be hacked into and your password stolen. Said hacker would then have access to both your email and password. If you use these credentials on a professional login, you could end up costing your company and your future job.

  • Have Ongoing Certifications in Your Field

Being actively employed consistently looks good on your resume. It shows you are a good employee, it shows progression, and it shows that your skills are obviously useful. A better way to wow prospective employers, however, is to go above and beyond.

Take courses, get certified, and progress your career on your own time. Having a series of accomplishments next to your job titles are going to be a huge green flag to recruiters. You are not just someone who can do well in your role, but someone who goes above and beyond to provide better service and insight for their employers.

Of course, some qualifications are more valuable than others on a resume. Being a black belt in a martial art is a fun titbit that can add some personality to your application, but having a health and safety certification will actually add to your actionable list of skills.

The best part is that gaining these health and safety certificates or certifications is a lot easier than you think. Take a week off to immerse yourself in the field at a SeminarFest and take any of 90+ courses available. When workplace injuries cost American businesses $1 billion per week, you can be sure that having these extra skills will be a winning factor during your next job hunt.

The more regularly you obtain these industry-relevant skills (with the formal documentation to back you up), the more attractive you will be to recruiters. Just remember never to sell yourself short. Learning means investing in yourself, so reach for the stars when it comes to applying for roles.

  • Publicize Your References

Be proud of your references and ask for them. Get previous employers and anyone else you can think of (that isn’t a friend or direct relative) to write references and reviews that you can then publish and advertise. LinkedIn, for example, has a feature that allows users to write references directly onto your online resume. Personal websites similarly often have a feature that will enable you to publish reviews that can act similarly.

Getting these references from the get-go can be perfect, as it allows your employer to give you a comprehensive review without time fading away from the details of your accomplishments and work ethic. That way you can use old references to your advantage again and again.

  • Be Active in Your Industry

There is a lot you can do within your industry online that will help you get the job of your dreams. One of them is to just post within your industry. See if you can get a guest posting position at key publications and even commit to regular blog pieces on your own personal site. Doing so will help you get your name out there and develop a reputation for yourself. Done right, this could give you a celebrity status online, further impressing your prospective employers and giving you an advantage over the other applicants. You aren’t just an employee, but a real go-getter.

  • Collaborate with Others in Your Industry

Another way to boost your reputation is to collaborate with other big names in your industry. It could be by interviewing people, or it could be done through more traditional networking opportunities. Sometimes knowing the right people is all it requires to take you from the shortlist into the position of your dreams.

Keep your online presence active and engaging. Stay committed to improving your qualifications, publish content, and keep your online presence up to date. This is how you can better network and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Do this, and you might never have to job hunt again, and instead enjoy a variety of opportunities gifted to you.

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