How to Amplify your Content in Today’s Busy Online World


How can you get heard today? It's all about how to amplify your content in a super-busy online world!

Bottom line: It's crazy noisy online today.  The rate at which new content is added is exploding!  The average Facebook user has the potential to see 1500 unique posts in their News Feed during a single day!  So how is your business going to be able to compete and be seen in this sea of content?

how to amplify your content

In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast I dive into web content. Particularly, how to amplify your content in today's noisy World online. 

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How to Amplify your content in Today's Busy Online World

Because of the content proliferation out there, you need to find ways to rise above.  You need to be seen, discovered and talked about, and there are simple tricks to doing this, but first let's dive into the show background a bit...

1.  What is web content and what am I talking about?

What is web content?

Primarily this is website content that you want to reside on your site but it does go beyond just your website as well. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for instance, you need to have a growing valuable footprint of content rich resources on your website.  It must be a resource center related to your industry and you need to have new blog posts go out on a regular, consistent basis.

Your content "hub" of your website is your most critical content asset.  Content on your site is text, including pages and posts, but also includes assets like images, videos, and live streaming recordings.  Each of these items is piece of "content" that can add value and be used online to communicate a brand story.

2. Why it Matters.

It matters because it's the primary way you can be discovered and attract the right audience online!

Audiences are seeking answers. They might not buy when they first encounter you but the most important thing is to get them be in tune with you, to know you or your products. It may be that you to need to work on the 7 points of contact for them to be comfortable and trust your business before they are ready to do business with you.

These 7 points of contact can help them know you, like you, and eventually start trusting you. By positioning yourself online with great content, you are making them aware of your expertise and capabilities.  

A second reason content matters is SEO.  A ranking factor on search engines is that you need new content on your site on a regular basis. Audiences, as well,  look at your content to see if you are regularly adding new resources and when your last blog post was. 

3. Key Issue Today:  Content Overload

The major issue today is that there is so much content online that your best stuff can be lost in the mix. I heard a statistic from Mark Schaefer and he was quoting another source that said the amount of content on the web doubles every 10 - 20 months!

The challenge is how your ideal audience online can find you and see you in the midst of that content overload!

4. Solution: Content Ignition

To ignite your content is to amplify your content online!

When we are publishing a new blog post, we’re not done when we hit ‘publish’.

We need to take action in igniting that new piece of content out there!  You need to light that content on fire.

You need to find ways to take the great content you publish, amplify it, and ignite it so that it is found online by your ideal audience. We're going to go into 5 ways to do that!

5. How to Amplify your Content 

amplify your content

  1. Visuals

Images on your blog post and website that are maximized for social media sharing is a key starting place.  Images communicate so much more than large blocks of text!  Our brains can soak in so much more visually than they can from a essay of text.

Have a couple key images for each new blog post that are good for social sharing - Note your featured image should be 600px wide, and 315 px high for standard Facebook posting. Quality image makes you be seen in the news feed.

The goal would be to use the images you have in your blog post and share then in a Facebook post that links back to the blog.  The image captures attention!

  1.  Videos

Videos that introduce your content are great igniters!  

Why? Video gets a lot of engagement today online and particularly on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

You can ignite it to Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Simple videos that outline why the post is important and what it covers to entice and engage the user to want to take action and come to the blog post is key!

YouTube note: It is important to link your video by putting the full URL as a clickable hyperlink going to your blog post in your YouTube description.)  For Facebook, consider adding a short  text overlay introduction on the video and (so it captures attention on Facebook in the auto-play time period with no audio) and use the call to action feature available when uploading a video on Facebook for desktop

For Instagram, you can now have up to 60 second videos.  Be sure when you post it to use relevant hashtags, and then be sure you are also active on Instagram by liking and commenting on others posts which interests them in seeing your posts!

  1. Live streaming

Livestreaming (live video) is a growing trend and you can use it to introduce your content. Whether with Periscope, Blab or Facebook Live Video, you can communicate live about your content and this can drive interest and traffic. In live streaming you can market, give tips, and answer questions live, and then share the blog post link after. 

This is one to experiment with, particularly on Facebook since they are giving precedence and favor to live video in the News Feed.  If you have trouble getting reach on your page posts, intro your content with Live Video!

  1. Partnerships

Partnerships and Community Support can make a huge difference in igniting your content!  

Find industry partners or similar and complementing industry firms to collaborate with . You can share their content while they share your content. Partners with good industry reputation will add value to you, it can help you reach a strategic audience.

Also, as you grow your community, invite your followers and fans to share your content. 

  1. Paid ignition!

Including Facebook ads, Instagram ads and retargeting ads (on facebook and other websites). You can drill down to custom audiences and target particular regions, interests, page fans, gender, salary rage, demographics, etc. to get your content directly in front of the right people!

Simple Hint: You can also use Facebook's Boost post tool to boost blog posts you share.

As a summary, a first major key to amplifying your content is to have quality content.

Our challenge is then how to be seen over the loads of competition online. The answer is to ignite your post by different strategies such as a social sharing routine, email capture, key images, videos to introduce content, community partnerships and paid ignition. If you’re not doing any of these yet, it’s time to take action! 

What’s your key takeaway from this?  What do you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening?

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