Facebook Updates, Twitter and Instagram Updates for December 21st

Facebook Updates, Twitter and Instagram Updates for December 21st

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Whatever you celebrate this season I hope you have fun, family, and friends. Thanks for being a part of my tribe!

Here are the never-ending social media changes for this week to keep you in the loop ….

Facebook Updates

Managing Your Identity on Facebook with Face Recognition Technology

Now you can manage face recognition in Facebook photos with a single on/ off control. You’ll know when you’re in a picture on Facebook and you’re a part of that posts audience when someone else uploads a photo of you. Improvements are being made for low vision users also.


Facebook wants to make it easier and safer for people to use Facebook. I don’t see a lot of business applications with this one.

Facebook is Clamping Down on Posts That Shamelessly Beg for Engagement

Facebook will penalize Page owners who resort to asking people to like, comment or tag people in the comments section to get more visibility for the post. Incentives like “Share with friends to win a free trip” or “Like if you live in Minnesota” — gets content shared through engagement and these types of post are considered engagement bait. Engagement bait posts will have their reach reduced by Facebook.

Once an account gets on the naughty list Facebook will let them earn back their original reach with “good behavior”.


This will change a lot of strategies for many people. But in the end, a Facebook news feed should have a more natural feel.

Facebook will Shift to Viewable-Only Organic Reach Counts for Pages in 2018

In early 2018, Facebook will only count organic reach when a Page’s post appeared on a person’s screen.


It may surprise you that they haven’t rolled this out yet, but expect another drop in organic reach when it is finally implemented. Pretty soon the only reach you may have will be paid for.

Instagram Updates

You Can Follow Hashtags on Instagram

Here is a new way to discover people, photos, and videos on Instagram. Follow the hashtag of your favorite hobby, band, community or TV show.


Hashtags make it easy for people to quickly search what they’re interested in. Hashtags are important to use on Instagram and they just became MORE important to help you be discoverable on this network. Add a hashtag to your post to make it more searchable.

Twitter Updates

Twitter Enforcing New Rules Around Violence and Hate

Cracking down on hateful conduct and abusive behavior, Twitter is looking for accounts owned by groups that promote violence to further their political agenda.  Twitter will require accounts to remove offending tweets and will suspend accounts with repeat violations.


I think this will make a small dent in the trolls on Twitter. Hopefully, Twitter will be a nicer place to play.

2018 is just around the corner but I don’t’ expect the changes to the social media platforms to slow down at all.

Stay tuned and happy holidays!  Are we connected on social?  Find me on Facebook at, Instagram at @mikegingerich and on Twitter at @Mike_Gingerich.