Facebook Big Announcements and Linkedin Updates for the week ending August 17

Facebook Big Announcements and Linkedin Updates for the Week Ending August 17

Lots of changes to make Facebook a safer place for everyone to play. And new Website Demographics from LinkedIn. The better you’re able to analyze your visitors the better you’re able to focus your content directly for them.


Facebook Addresses Link Cloaking

Cloaking is when a company deliberately hides the true destination of an ad or post in an effort to circumvent Facebook’s Community Standards and Advertising Policies. You know these links … you think you’re going to an article but instead, you end up on a page with a flashing “You Won!”. The worst offenders of using these types of pages are diet pills, muscle building scams, skin care and pornography. We’ve all gotten these on our phone and “cussed” at them.

Facebook is seeking to make their platform a safe place free from fake news and money making scams so in comes Link Cloaking Enforcement by eliminating the ability to change the link title, picture, and description.


Plain and simple cloaking links is a deceptive process. However, this impacts marketers who were not being deceptive but rather creative with updates to headlines, descriptions, and images.  Now, this is no longer an option and so it may cause you to double down on good web page and blog post titles and as well as the headline image.

Here comes Facebook TV

You knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. Introducing Watch for Facebook. Available on mobile, desktop, laptop and in Facebook TV apps Watch will stream shows made for Facebook. Know all the YouTube stars making content for YouTube? Now we’ll have Facebook stars making content for Facebook.

I don’t have the link to Watch on my phone, yet. Keep your eyes open for it.


This could be a gold mine for businesses that create Facebook shows for their business pages. But with the high standards of today’s viewer, a polished professional program is a must! So there maybe a big cost associated with Facebook Watch shows in production costs.

Facebook Insights - Updates to Clicks and Impression Reporting

Facebook is doing their best to give you accurate analytics and now they have taken 2 more steps to clean reporting. Removing unintentional clicks from your Audience Network and giving us 2 new metrics to help us clearly see how many ads are shown to people.

Removing Unintentional Clicks from Audience Networks

When people accidentally click on your ad and immediately close out the landing page Facebook will no longer add those clicks to your Audience Networks stats.

They are also looking at improving the ad interface in an effort to reduce the number of unintentional clicks.

Better View of Total Campaign Impressions

Total Campaign Impressions

Now Facebook shows you all impressions, both billable and nonbillable. (Impressions aren’t billed after the ad budget is spent. This gives you the chance to see the nonbillable impressions.

Auto Refresh Impressions

This will show you how many impressions you receive on your right-hand ad after a browser refresh.


Better reports and stats give you a better idea of what people are really doing with your Facebook ads. When you can see the pattern and progression in your ads you’ll be able to choose your ad demographics and funding wisely and hopefully, save yourself some money and make more money in the long run.

Facebook Testing Stories for Desktop

Stories, the Snapchat clone that’s eliminating the competition is rolling out to desktop!


This is great new for marketers that work on a computer all day. Now they can use Facebook stories too.

Facebook Groups for Pages is Now Available to Everyone

I told you this was coming and now it’s here!


Introducing LinkedIn Website Demographics

This is LinkedIn’s free reporting tool that lets you see what type of professionals are going to your website from LinkedIn. It will use LinkedIn demographics to give you more info on your visitors. This feature will be rolling out soon.


Learn exactly who is visiting your site and if they fit your target market or if you need to broaden your target market. Anytime you get better stats and analytics you can better focus your content and ads for the visitors that make you money.

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