How the Facebook Page Experience Update Will Affect Your Business


Facebook is the biggest social network globally, with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. As such, brands and marketers can’t afford to neglect the upcoming Facebook Page experience update, which will roll out in May. Facebook has been testing the updated look over the past year with a select number of high profile individuals and business Pages.

The Page update will focus on giving Facebook users a better experience by focusing more on socializing, interactions, and community. But what does this mean for businesses and marketers who rely on Facebook as a cost-effective way of promotion? This article will give you a quick rundown of the Facebook Page Experience updates, what they mean for your business, and what you can do to adapt.

1. Focus on Meaningful Interactions

The current Facebook algorithm focuses on helping users find relevant content. However, the coming update will focus more on creating meaningful interactions. It will give higher priority to content that draws more engagement through comments, even over popular posts that don’t elicit comments. The update will also favor longer comments over short ones as they often bring a more meaningful perspective.

As a business, you’ll have to focus on providing more value to your followers. Generic content won’t cut it, so you’ll have to post content that will help your followers with their problems. Whether that is by informing, educating, or even entertaining them. Your content should be professional but conversational. This means you should focus on socializing with your followers. Ask them questions, respond to comments, generate conversation, and encourage responses.

2. The Update Will Remove Likes

One of the most significant changes about the Facebook Page design is that it removes Likes from the Page and focuses instead on Followers. According to Facebook, this will improve and simplify how people connect with their favorite Pages. The change came about since Likes do not provide an accurate representation of the Page’s popularity. Likes include users who once liked a Page but got disinterested later and unfollowed the Page to get out of their News Feed. On the other hand, followers provide a better indication of how many fans of a Page are receiving updates.

Brands and marketers will have to become more creative and innovative with their content to provide value and generate genuine engagement. Rather than merely collecting likes, you’ll have to create well-thought-out, excellent and relevant content that draws people in. You should also prompt them to engage directly, whether by sending a direct message, visiting your site, or having a conversation.

3. Dedicated News Feed and a New Q&A Format

Facebook is also introducing News Feed to Pages. This will allow your business Page to follow trends, discover and join conversations, and engage with fans. The Feed will also suggest new connections like other Pages, groups, public figures, and trending content you’re interested in. Your followers will be able to see your comments on other Pages as they will be bumped to the top.

For richer interactive conversations, the News Feed will feature a new Q&A format that allows Pages to better engage with their followers by answering their questions. Followers can ask you questions about a particular topic, and when you answer, those questions are stacked together so other users can swipe through to learn more. This can be highly beneficial for businesses. You can use the Q&A to answer commonly asked questions in a fun manner.

4. Improved Page Management

Facebook is making it easy for Page admins to navigate between the Page and personal profile using a switcher. You’ll also be able to assign access permissions based on specific tasks such as community activity, insights, content, ads, and messages.

The update will also come with a new set of admin tools that will serve as a direct entry point for managing permissions, accessing insights, and adding new admins. This will allow you to see all critical alerts, comments, messages, and other activities. You can then easily manage and prioritize your business activity throughout the day, and ensure the account’s integrity and safety.

Final Thoughts

The Facebook Page Experience update has the potential to cause significant fluctuations in your visibility, which can, in turn, affect your traffic, conversions, and revenue. Facebook will be focusing more on meaningful interactions in the coming months and years, so you need to keep up. You can do this by creating content that’s authentic, engaging, helpful, and relevant to your followers.

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