Instagram Changes & Facebook Updates Through June 26th

Instagram Changes & Facebook Updates Through June 26th

Woohoo! It’s Summer! Time for getting outdoors, taking pics and videos to share with your social media accounts!

Lot’s of changes and key updates in the social media realm in the recent past!  Let’s dive into some of the key social media and Facebook updates.

Instagram Updates


The big, big announcement last week was IGTV! Now your long videos shot vertically have a home. Just click the “TV” button in the upper right corner of the app to watch and use this new IGTV area.  Videos can be up to 10 minutes in length in this new area and the format it truly to be more like a “tv” network.


Facebook changed video and now Instagram is following suit. Instagram is making it easy to shoot quick video with your phone and turn it into a show/channel. Take people through your newest product or project and reach the younger audience that’s found on Instagram.  This is a strong move by Instagram into a new realm of “social media television.” Try it out, get your channel name, and experiment a bit because this could be a key tool going forward.

Facebook Changes

Introducing Subscription Groups for Admins

Now you can create a subscription group and take money inside your Facebook group. If you have a Facebook group now you can concentrate on creating content instead of duct taping subscriptions and payment options together.


Now making money with Facebook groups is easier. This is huge for entrepreneurs and those who have done member sites, courses, and more.  As well, you can spend all your time on helping the people in your group and less on the tech infrastructure!

Facebook is Increasing their Efforts to Fight Fake News

Facebook is expanding their fact-checking program to new countries and photos and videos. They’re taking now actions against repeat offenders.


When the news is truthful people will trust what they see more. The more they trust the more they’ll trust the brands and businesses they follow on Facebook.  This is a good thing and will not impact marketers who are above board while helping the user experience on Facebook.

Create Facebook Stories on Your Desktop

Upload videos and pics the same way you would for the newsfeed to create a Facebook Story on your computer and no longer just on your mobile device. They’re not seeing the growth they’d like so their making it even easier to add content.


Stories only last 24 hours so they’re a great way to add urgency to a sales or product launch. Have a quick “how to” video? Add it to Stories. It’s another opportunity to reach your audience.

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