What is and How Do You Use It?

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The quality and style of your written material can say more about you than the message you intend to deliver. Poorly worded blogs, rambling business letters, and confusing emails only serve to damage your image. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have struggled with written communications, but there is a solution. is an editing service that can improve the quality of your written output in short order, often within 10 minutes. Think of as the “Uber for writers” getting your writing from “here” to “there” quickly.  A group of pre-qualified writing experts are just a click away to massage your message and improve the quality of any content, short or long.

Why Would I Need This Service?

Not everyone writes well or has the time. In these days of abbreviated tweets and dropped punctuation, clear and direct communication remains a critical asset when spreading the word about your business. Even professional writers rely on editors to make their work more readable. A pair of trained eyes and another brain can make a real difference.

Writing is an art that involves more than punctuation, capitalization, and vocabulary. Software tools like Grammarly can help with some of that.

However, your writing should also have a rhythm that makes reading a comfortable exercise. Excellent writers avoid unnecessary words while eliminating repetition and unnaturally long sentences.

What is

Editorr is an English language, online editing service available at any time. Unlike other editing services that require days or weeks to complete a job, is committed to immediate turnaround. The length of the job will determine the time required, of course. But in every case, Editorr will return a revised, well- written draft far sooner than “traditional” online editors ever will.  I’ve tried it and I can attest the turnaround is fast!

Short messages like emails, social media posts, and blogs may be reviewed and returned in a few minutes. Your quick-response content should always be timely to be impactful.

How Does Work?

The Editorr system is comprised of a network of qualified writers who will take assignments at a moment’s notice. When looking for assistance through, you’ll submit the piece in your own style. The material is assigned to an on-demand professional editor within moments.

Immediately the editor works on the submission, then returns a draft to you with proposed amendments for your approval. The entire transaction can be managed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Want to know how quickly Editorr works?

  • Average Length of Submission: 277 words (approximate one typed page)
  • Approximate Pick-Up Time =1.5 minutes
  • Typical Fix and Return = 10.3 minutes
  • Total Average Time from Submission to Return = 11.8 minutes!

Longer copy for proposals, reports or newsletters will require a bit more time for review, but the service will be prompt by any measure.

How Do I Sign Up with

Your first step is to visit the site. Here you will find all you’ll need to know about membership, rates, and the procedures. You gain membership and access simply with your email address and a password. While offers a free 100-word trial, you’ll expand your membership to meet your needs. The site comes with a tutorial that demonstrates exactly how the process works.

The state-of-the-art user interface is extremely creative and will allow you to enter your content directly. I’ve met the team behind and believe they have a strong service and great support system in place. is an image enhancer, a time saver, and an economic way to get a pleasing, well-written message to your target readers. In a world where written communication is more prevalent than ever because of social network interactivity, is an important option for any start-up or mature business.

There’s even an Editorr plugin for your WordPress blog!  See it here >

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