Characteristics of a Good Recruitment Agency

good recruitment agency

A staffing agency comes in handy for companies and potential employees alike. And once you make up your mind to partner with an agency, the next big question will always be which one. For companies and organizations looking for staff, your first objective will be to define the goals based on the resource needs at hand to select a good recruitment agency.

You will look for a partnering agency from a cultural point of view and consider cost-effectiveness concerning finding the best candidates. Also, look out for firms with remarkable leadership, industry capabilities, and significant experience in meeting staffing needs.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Staffing Agency

As a potential client, the following are some features of an employment agency that you should explore during your evaluation process;

Industry Expertise

There are hundreds of industries that all need workforce needs. And since not all hiring companies have permanent staff tuned and suitable for all role contingencies, you need a recruiter with expertise or history for hiring for your specific industry. For example, design recruiters are important when seeking to add to your design team.

So, whether you choose to christen it industry expertise or industry experience, this is a feature that is difficult to ignore. For example, if you are in the transport industry and looking for truck drivers, a dedicated truck driver agency will solve your needs better than a general agency. The same applies if you are in the market to hire restauraunt and hospitality staff.

Internal Staff Quality

One of the reasons why companies hire external recruiters is the lack of time to conduct a rigorous recruitment process. However, recruitment skills are equally essential considerations. When you decide to trust your recruitment services to an agency, ensure the recruiters at the agency are good enough to handle the process.

  • Among the aspects, you will need to consider include
  • Experience- Consider the amount of time the agency has been in the industry and their experience with your domain. This will give you an overview of their staffing credentials
  • Regional Knowledge- Many parameters vary from location to location, and it is only prudent to settle for an agent who has an excellent understanding of your locational needs
  • Staff Turnover- Ask how long the recruiting personnel have been part of the agency. If the agency's staff have quick turnovers, you may need to question that

Post-Hiring Responsibilities

Ideally, your crucial target for partnering with an agency is to get new staff to your company. However, a good recruitment agency should also outline what they will do beyond staffing. Opt for agencies that will stay reachable if you have any issues related to the recruitment process or with any recruits.

An ideal staffing agency will also be courteous enough to make occasional follow-ups. With this, they can periodically assess the situation and make the necessary adjustments. Besides, for the highest level of service delivery, the recruiter should be the first in line to receive any related information. Whether you plan to use a hiring agency for an urgent or planned staffing requirement, your choice for an agency is a vital consideration. It can definitely impact your business growth and development. The above features should help you out.

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