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4 gems often missing from social media marketing strategies

4 Gems Most Social Media Marketing Plans are Missing

In this episode I talk about the 4 things that most social media marketing plans are missing.  So, is this you?  You’ve got your plan and you are on certain social media platforms and trying hard to make social work but you’re not seeing the results that you want to see.  If so, I’ve got […]

maximize facebook live videos

Maximize your Facebook Live Videos with these Tactics

This episode is all about how to maximize your Facebook Live Videos.  You’ve jumped into doing Live’s and you do them regularly but are you using the videos to the fullest potential?  Many of us haven’t been but here’s a quick guide to doing just that.  You’ve worked hard on these, now use that content […]


How and Why to use Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Ads are used by businesses because they get results. Learn to manage your ads in Facebook business manager and connect to other apps like Instagram


Using Instagram and Facebook Stories for Social Lead Nurture

This episode is all about Stories, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, and how you can use them for growing and nurturing leads for your business. In this Halftime Mike Podcast I’ll share key tactics and tips on how and why to use Instagram and Facebook Stories. Listen Now: Subscribe:  Halftime Mike on iTunes  | Android users […]


Your Facebook Page is Not Enough!

Is your business Facebook Page Enough? Here’s what you can do to increase leads and sales with a well rounded digital marketing strategy.


Facebook Ads for Growth and Profit – Which Businesses Benefit by Using Facebook Ads

Which businesses benefit by using Facebook ads? They are affordable, highly targeted, and measurable. Find out if it is a good solution for your business.

Social Media Updates through Nov. 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving! As the holiday is upon us I wanted to thank you all for your faithful reading and support!  Here are some of the latest social media updates from the past two weeks. Facebook Facebook’s testing a New Option for Communal Video Viewing in Messenger Communal (think “Group”)  video viewing has been important for […]

How To Use Facebook Science To Get More Engagement

Analysis of Facebook ads and posts made by the various brands which use social media platforms has shown that the engagement from outside dropped by at least twenty percent in the year 2017. Anybody who uses Facebook for this purpose will be worried by the trends, but there are strategies which can work very well […]


How to Optimize a Boosted Post on Facebook

A boosted post on Facebook can be an effective marketing tool. Be specific in your goals and target market. Then take these 4 steps to optimize your post’s effectiveness to reach out to a large and receptive audience.

Facebook Updates

Facebook and Instagram Updates for February 8th

Here’s the latest on Facebook and Instagram updates. Facebook has been making major changes to both Facebook and Instagram do you know what they are? Learn how to deal with these changes in this post.