Facebook's New Name: Meta - What Changes and What Stays the Same

Facebook has a new name!  In this episode, we dive into Meta, Facebook's new name including what changes and what stays the same.

Facebook's New Name: Meta - What Changes and What Stays the Same


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What's with the Facebook Name Change to Meta?

After months of speculations, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally announced that Facebook had changed its name to Meta, which better describes the company's activities. Zuckerberg unveiled new plans to create a "Metaverse," which is essentially a space for people to work, communicate, and play games virtually. He announced these changes in Facebook's initial master plan during the Annual Connect Conference.

According to Zuckerberg, the current brand is tightly linked only to one product, which doesn't represent everything that Facebook does currently or intends to do in the future. The CEO explained that the team at Facebook anticipates that Meta will be visualized as a "Metaverse company," which he looks forward to anchoring most of its work and identity.

The company immediately changed social media logos for its social media pages, with a Meta Logo following the announcement. This signifies the beginning and new evolution of future social connections. However, the CEO maintained that social platforms within the company, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, won't change.

The Reasons Behind the Change to Meta

Facebook is among the most used social media platforms globally. As such, you could be wondering why such a well-performing brand has to change its name at its peak. Well, Facebook changed its name for various reasons. The most important is that it wants to focus on creating a Metaverse.

With a Metaverse, people will enjoy more immersive interactions supported by mixed reality, virtual reality, and smart glasses instead of accessing applications and websites from smartphones, computers, and tablets. While this may seem like a far-fetched ambition that requires several years to develop, Facebook has focused and allocated a lot of time and resources to achieve it.

Besides creating a Metaverse, which is the company's primary marketing idea behind Meta, Facebook also wants to rebrand as a company. The surge in Facebook usage over the recent years has brought along some negative connotations. The platform has recently been associated with increased addiction, anxiety among the youth, and online misreporting/misinformation.

That aside, in the current age where data privacy is everyone's concern, several data privacy issues have been raised, especially following the leaked internal documents, which showed the company's total disregard for the public good. Facebook has also previously been accused of failing to protect its users from abusers and predators. So to say, it is currently thought to be aiding genocides and human trafficking.

Even though Zuckerberg protected the company claiming these allegations were coordinated efforts to paint a bad picture of the company, they had to do something with the rising negative associations. As such, the best possible way to distance the company from all these accusations is to pick a new identity.

However, experts maintain that while changing the name to Meta is a genius and excellent marketing strategy, the company won't be free from previous problems that caused a public backlash. Changing the name isn't enough to save Facebook from torrents of criticism.

However, the company will succeed in diverting the conversation from its public problems into Metaverse, an exciting and futuristic technology that nobody understands everything about.

Is There a Future for Meta?

From Zuckerberg's statements, Meta is a great invention from the company. A fully developed Metaverse has unmatched potential, and the technology behind it might be game-changing. However, with everything aside, Meta is currently just a new name for Facebook. It may come with a flashy logo, but initial challenges associated with Facebook will remain.

Therefore, while Meta might have a future, significant changes should be made to address these issues. Otherwise, it will remain a brilliant and hyped marketing stunt.

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