Facebook Adds Automated Video Captioning Tools to Pages

Facebook Adds Automated Video Captioning Tools to Pages - 315You have the perfect video content for your audience, but your Facebook Insights show low engagement and views.

Not sure what the problem is? Your answer might come from where and how your followers check out your content.

People check Facebook throughout the day, including while they're at work. In fact, they are spending over 40 minutes a day on the platform, far more than on any other social media network. They don't want the boss to know they're on their work device going through social media, so they use their mobile phone.  When on Facebook, the videos auto-play in the news feed, but they do so SILENTLY. Without subtitles, people can't check out the video in detail or understand what's going on.

Now, however, that issue is over! Facebook has added an automated video captioning that tool gives your videos a simple way to gain more viewership and consumption.

What is Facebook Auto-Captioning?

Auto caption for Facebook videos

Facebook videos have always supported manual captioning, but that requires a significant time and resource investment, as well as some technological skill. Facebook wants people to understand and engage with video content, so they created the auto-captioning feature to add context for the people who watch videos without the sound on, and they made it dead simple for the average person to use.

How Facebook Auto-Captioning Works

When you upload your video to your Facebook page, it goes through an automated process that attempts to accurately transcribe the video.

While auto-captioning is very effective, it doesn't always get everything right on the first try. So Facebook gives you a simple way to edit, line by line, the transcription of the video. Generally, Facebook does a solid job transcribing and it can be from 75-95% correct from the start!

Why Businesses Need to Use Facebook Auto-Captioning

facebook auto captioning

Just an FYI ... If you embed a Facebook video into your website the captions do not show up.

You're losing out on a large portion of your audience if you rely entirely on sound to convey your message. Many people on Facebook browse without their sound, and you also have an entire audience of deaf and hard of hearing viewers that can't hear the video.

Captioning your videos gives you a better reach, viewers can watch your content anywhere, anytime. Manually adding subtitles to your videos may not have been cost efficient. But with the automated process, there's no reason not to get captions.

People also engage more with these videos. It doesn't matter if they're in a crowded location or where the sound is difficult to hear. Your audience lingers on the video in their feed, improving your brand awareness and encouraging engagement.

Adding subtitles to on your Facebook page videos will give them a larger audience and more engagement!

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