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How to Build a Successful Automotive Business

September 9, 2021
  So, you've decided to start up your own automotive business. Good for you! But now, what do you need to know? Well, for starters, there are a few things that will help make your new business successful. First of all, it's important to have a product and customer service to back it up. For […]

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Business

September 7, 2021
Are you fed up with the 9-5 desk job? Maybe it’s time to start your own business. However, do you have the skills, experience and educational knowledge to start and succeed? Starting a business can be hard work, and where do you even begin? First, take a step back and ask yourself: What important factors […]

Starting A New Business – Product Sourcing

September 6, 2021
It has taken a while, but you have discovered your personal Holy Grail product – a definite market, high demand, and good profit margin.  It is time to get your new business up and running. One thing you have to do – get products. Where will you get them? What about customized products? How will […]

Useful Tips For Starting Your Own Construction Business

September 1, 2021
Starting and running your own construction business is the dream of many entrepreneurs who want to not only become wealthy, but mostly want to be able to run and operate their own company as the boss, making the majority of the decisions, and like being in control. There is a great deal of freedom that […]

Steps to Forming an LLC Legally in United States

August 23, 2021
Planning to set up an LLC in the US? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide by Business Fair Field will point you in the right direction of an LLC formation. Step 1: Choose a Name for Your LLC Most jurisdictions prohibit use of the same name for two distinct […]

Niche Mobile Apps like Swimply – The “AirBnB for Pools”

August 19, 2021
Mobile apps have exploded in the app stores in the past 2 years and yet each month brings about even more new innovations.  From cars, to motorcycles, and now to pools, niche apps for rentals and experiencing are popping up everywhere!  In this podcast I talk about the trends for niche apps, the emerging industries, […]

What You Need To Know Before You Launch A Marketplace

August 17, 2021
E-commerce is growing faster than any other market. And marketplaces are leading this sphere. That's why having your own marketplace is a trend. But often, companies wishing to create their marketplace do not fully understand what they will have to face when they launch a marketplace. Not everyone is ready for this model, and not […]

What You Need Before You Start Your Small Business

August 14, 2021
To run a successful business, you must adapt to ever-changing situations. Before you begin selling the product or service you’ve worked hard for, ensure that you have all you need before you start. You need to prepare. Things may go wrong but preparation will lessen that chance drastically. You need to build your brand, gain […]

How to Market Your Startup on the Road

August 13, 2021
When entrepreneurs start a new business, they will typically focus much of their marketing efforts on digital marketing. Social media, PPC advertising, and content marketing strategies are just some examples of what any new startup would consider to boost brand awareness. There are also key ways to market your startup on the road. The thing […]

The 12 Best Online Business Ideas

August 9, 2021
It’s never been easier to start an online business. Pretty much anyone can make a website, and the technical side of digital marketing is becoming easier to understand. The benefits of starting a business online are pretty obvious - you can start it from your own home, you don’t need to make money immediately, and […]

What You Need To Start a Home-Based Business: 5 Tips To Get Started

August 5, 2021
New estimations tell us that, by 2025, over 70% of professionals will be working remotely. So, if you have started to think about starting one and what it takes to start a home-based business, you are certainly not the only one! At the same time, millions of employees have changed careers during the pandemic - […]

A Brief Guide for Starting a Burial Insurance Business

August 1, 2021
Are you trying to come out of the typical rat race? Planning to do something that can bring you lots of profit and allows you to become your boss. Then, you are on the same page with the millions of business-minded people. There are millions of people running in the city with hidden start-up ideas […]

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Starting a Car Modification Business

July 31, 2021
If you plan to start a car modification business in your local area, you are heading towards a bright future. Car businesses such as dealerships, car modification, auto parts, etc., have a great prospect in the future. But before you jump into the river and go with the flow, you need to step back and […]

These 7 Things Can Contribute To A Startup's Success

July 26, 2021
Startups are all the rage these days; there is no shortage of exciting ideas and talented entrepreneurs from tech companies to recycling solutions. However, creating a successful startup involves far more than merely coming up with an idea. The execution, people you surround yourself with, and your marketing ability will all have a say in […]

How To Take Your New Business Ahead Of The Curve

July 19, 2021
The startup landscape is booming, and even the pandemic hasn’t halted entrepreneurs from joining the bandwagon. The opportunities are immense, and you must try your luck if you have a viable business idea and plan. But everything boils down to making your venture stand apart in the crowd. It gets your startup the attention it […]

Ride-Hailing vs Ride-Sharing Services: All You Need To Know

July 9, 2021
Ride-hailing and ride-sharing services are in demand businesses nowadays, providing convenient transportation to all types of riders. If you’re planning to offer any of these services, it’s important to equip yourself with the right information, so you can generate good profits.  With a reliable ride-sharing or ride-hailing platform, one can offer ‘trip pooling’ (or carpooling) […]

6 Helpful Tips to Remember When Starting an Electrical Business

June 23, 2021
So you’ve successfully become a licensed electrician and you’re ready to start your own electrical business. You’ve already come up with a business plan, so what’s next? Maybe you’ve covered all of the basics, but maybe there are a few things you’ve forgotten. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when starting […]

Legal Requirements To Start A Business: 5 Tips For Startups

June 21, 2021
Congratulations on your new business venture! Without putting too much of a damper on the excitement of finally seeing a dream come to fruition, this might be an excellent time to take a moment and ensure that your business avoids the legal pitfalls that can stop it in its tracks. Hiring a business law attorney may […]

7 Pro Tips to Create a Profitable Interior Design Business

June 15, 2021
When thinking about profitable and successful business niches, some people don’t naturally assume that interior design is one of them. Yet, it’s a marked reportedly worth a whopping $40.7 billion in the United States alone! Interior design is a service industry where businesses have clients from all walks of life, ranging from celebrities and high […]

5 Tips to Help You Set Up Your New Business

June 15, 2021
The process of starting your very own business is one that should not be taken on lightly. There are plenty of risks in doing so. Depending on what your business idea is, you might be setting yourself up to fight an uphill battle. That being said, you cannot overstate the pride and satisfaction that come […]
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