5 Benefits Of Custom Stickers For Your Startup

Benefits Of Custom Stickers For Your Startup

A sticker is a labeled piece of plastic or paper where one of the sides is secured with adhesive while the other layer is used for different purposes. Individuals commonly use them to decorate their notebooks, laptops, or journals. Similarly, modern organizations use this item to promote their brands.

Since stickers are helpful for different people, you should consider using these promotional elements. When using custom stickers for your startup company, you can attach them to your storefront, indicating social media details and store hours. Also, you can send out specialized stickers for your loyal customers.

This article provides the five benefits of custom stickers for your startup.

  1. Boosts Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a marketing approach where customers can identify a product by looking at the packaging or logo. This element includes triggering factors like a specific color combination and an advertising campaign jingle that creates an association with a brand. When companies have brand recognition, they can persuade their prospective clients that their offers are more worthy than the price.

Since brand recognition is vital in convincing prospects, you must boost this component by adding custom stickers to your marketing initiatives. For instance, you may send out stickers to your employees so they can attach them to their devices so others can recognize your brand. Alternatively, you may collaborate with a custom sticker business to stick your contact details on water bottles, which you can give away for free during corporate events.

  1. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is any form of media intentionally produced by online users rather than the associated brands. This promotional campaign aims to bring the company’s promises into authentic perspectives. When organizations urge loyal customers to share their positive reviews using their platforms, they’ll likely attract more qualified leads.

Since UGC is a powerful marketing tool, you should encourage satisfied clients to create this content by sending them free custom stickers. If possible, you should include their preferred nicknames to make the campaign more personal. Thus, making them feel more connected to your brand. After that, you must offer rewards to urge them to publish their content on social media. Suggest a specific hashtag to make a buzz for your company.

  1. Ensures Safety

In retail stores and warehouses, the areas are commonly cramped with heavy equipment and hazardous operational activities. Businesses can reduce workplace risks when they take the necessary steps to add an in-store element like accurate signage within their commercial spaces. In turn, business processes won’t have to go through downtime, employees can lessen absenteeism and customers are safe from accidents.

Since safety is essential in commercial buildings, you have to attach specific signages with custom stickers to protect the occupants. When customizing the signs, you must ensure the fonts are readable and easy to see. This will make it easier for visually-impaired individuals to walk around your retail store. You should attach these signages for equipment tracking and pallet racking for your warehouse. Add warning signs for hazardous areas to protect your staff.


  1. Enables Consistent Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the method companies use to connect their brand with their target market. This strategy includes their unique value proposition and how they plan to serve the needs of their audiences. When organizations use consistent brand messaging, they can establish a powerful rapport with their ideal audience. This eventually becomes highly recognizable to the public.

Since consistent brand messaging is valuable in marketing, you should boost this strategy by adding custom stickers on the packaging. Before anything else, you must consider elements like color palette, tone, and fonts to ensure you’re sticking to brand guidelines. After that, you may now add personalized gratitude notes to packages and deliver them to your top-performing employees and loyal customers.

  1. Creates Competitive Edge

The competitive advantage is the technique businesses use to develop offers better than their direct and indirect competitors. This element can help companies increase their profit margins, boost their market share, and often attract more prospective clients. When startups generate a competitive edge, they can quickly gain more brand awareness. Thus, attracting investors who’ll fund their expansion.

Since having a competitive edge is vital in the growth of startup companies, you have to gain this element using custom stickers. Before that, you have to run an in-depth competitive analysis first to analyze your brand's current standing in the market. After that, you must determine if your logo can stand out from other businesses. If it can't, make the necessary changes before designing your custom stickers.

Key Takeaway

As a small business owner, you have to find ways to gain the interest of your ideal buyers. This is how you can receive more funds for your future expansion. Therefore, you must consider adding custom stickers as innovative promotional tools for your startup company. Once you do so, you might be able to generate these five benefits that’ll help you grow your new brand.

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