How To Come Up With A Company Name

How To Come Up With A Company Name

The company name is one of the main components of the brand. It is the name of the company that determines how customers will treat the company and its products. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the company name. Because many people make big mistakes when naming a company.

In this article, we will figure out how to come up with the right company name. And we'll show you some good ways to create an original name.

Ways to come up with a company name

The name primarily reflects the value of the company, while it must create and maintain a connection between the product and the buyer. It should be understood for each target audience. So that when consumers read the name of the product, they could easily and quickly remember.

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And there are also a very large number of simple ways to come up with a unique and original name for the company. We have selected the 10 most important and effective ways to come up with a company name.

1. Name the company by the name of the founder

This is one of the most popular naming methods. It is based on the name or surname of the founder of the company. One such successful example is considered to be "McDonald's". But most importantly, make sure that the name does not turn out to be absurd and should not repeat the name of the brand that is already on the market.

2. Connect individual words together

Using individual words or parts of words, you can come up with a completely new word. Which is perfect for the brand name. For example, the name of the Adidas brand was obtained using this method. The founder of the company was named Adolf Dasler, and his friends called him Adi, hence the name (AdiDas) was born.

3. Pay special attention to rhythm and rhyme

Because the consumer will be able to remember the name quickly if it has a rhyme, rhythm and sound. For example, even a child can remember the brand name "Coca-Cola" from the first time. Here the phrase is very simple and easy to pronounce.

4. The analog method

If you choose the right association, the company name will be directly associated with it. That is, there is a great chance to get a high-quality naming and then in a short time you can become popular.

5. Shortening words

A great way for those who can't use long words. Therefore, many people use abbreviated words, while not breaking the consumer's connection with the brand. IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is considered one of such successful examples.

6. The method of cutting

Using this method, we get the original name. While cutting out syllables or individual parts of them. An example is the name of Intel. The name of the IT company was shortened from the word

Integral Electronics.

7. Renaming

This method means transferring the name from one subject to another, but based on their adjacency.

For example, everyone's favorite Burger King is not just a burger but the king of burgers on the whole planet.

8. Sounds

If you use words in the brand name that is able to convey the necessary and important properties and qualities of the product. Schweppes is an effervescent carbonated drink. The name itself fully describes the brand.

9. The mystery in the title

The name of the company itself may contain a secret. The consumer will not be able to decipher the meaning of the name the first time.

10. Fragmentary words

There is no need for the company name to be fully associated with the brand. You can name the company in any convenient way, but at the same time take into account all the pros and cons.

But most importantly, your name should be:

  • Simple
  • Easy to remember
  • Understandable for buyers

Therefore, the company name plays a big role. Because of this, it is worth paying special attention to the details when creating a company name. However, no matter how original the company name is, it does not guarantee that the product will become popular. Because it is easy to spoil the quality of service or the quality of products. Therefore, it is better to know and comply with all the necessary standards.

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