Businesses Getting Real [Podcast] with Pam Moore - The Social Media Impact on Every Company Today


Social Media impacts Marketing, Branding, and more for every business today.

No longer can businesses get away with one way, push communication that shoves "buy, buy, buy" down the throat of consumers! In this podcast, I spend time with Pam Moore, CEO of digital agency Marketing Nutz and a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer.

I ask questions about how Social Media has changed business and what today's business needs to be aware of and do in order to truly engage in this socially integrated 24/7/365 world we live in.  Pam outlines keys for businesses today, including the need for brands to listen, be authentic, and transparent.  Pam also covers how to handle negative comments in the "fishbowl" of social networks and why engaging and responding is important, with the caveat that social doesn't mean instantaneous  or being a doormat!

From her blog...

iStock 000002030722XSmall Inspire, Connect, Achieve for Social Business & Social Brand SuccessThe heartbeat of social media is people.

Social media is about people. Business is about people. Life is about people. Yes the technology enables us to communicate, share information, learn, engage and so much more. However, at the core it is all about people.


About Halftime Mike:

Halftime Mike podcasts are packed with no nonsense, practical tips for small and medium sized businesses.  Success today demands making adjustments fast and fluidly.  Just like a basketball team using halftime to evaluate the first half and set a game plan for the second half, business leaders can use this podcast to stop, reflect, and then take learning's to adjust and implement within their business!

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 Key resources that Pam outlined in the Podcast are included below:

Video: The Heartbeat of Social Media

YouTube video


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