Why It's Important to Use E-Learning Localization for Your Business

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It's important to use e-learning localization for your business as a business's success and growth heavily depend on how well-trained and satisfied its employees are. Creating a positive work atmosphere and a culture of professional growth is the ideal that most employees are looking for. But, in today's modern and global business environment, it can take time to meet the needs of employees worldwide.

While the global talent pool allows businesses to find great employees anywhere in the world and have them work remotely for their company, these employees often need help to fit in. This is why e-learning localization is extremely important for such businesses. 

Below, we’ll help you understand what e-learning localization is and why it’s important to use it. 

E-Learning Localization Defined

To explain what e-learning localization is, we’ll first dig into the concept of e-learning in the business domain. It refers to employee training that is a regular part of the onboarding process for all well-organized companies. 

Apart from onboarding, employee training is also organized in situations such as:

  • an employee taking on a new role
  • a new tool is being introduced into the daily workflow
  • the company is changing a system previously used
  • there are new policies to be respected

In all these situations, the company will prepare training materials in English and send them out to employees globally. But e-learning localization suggests you do it differently.

E-learning localization is:

  • the practice of translating and adapting training materials to make sure different target groups of employees have the best learning experience. It includes translating the content, changing the visuals, minding political correctness, and considering the mindset of the target group.

A company can hire a localization service to ensure the materials are properly adapted. They can also give this task to someone internally if they speak the language and understand the culture.

But why is e-learning localization so important?

E-Learning Localization: Benefits and Importance

We understand e-learning localization, but now we need to dig deeper. Why is it so important for companies to do business with employees globally? Let's take a closer look.

1. Employee Satisfaction & Retention

With remote work being the new normal, it’s much easier for talented people to find work. According to Gartner, the 2022 voluntary turnover jumped by 20% compared to the pracademic years. This also means it’s a lot harder for companies to keep these people working for them.

E-learning localization can improve employee satisfaction and, thus, the retention rate. How? Simply, through this process, you will:

  • help the employee understand the materials
  • make them feel appreciated
  • build their professional confidence

The employee will enjoy being trained in the language they speak natively and in the manner most suitable for their specific preferences. They’ll appreciate the company’s effort and develop stronger positive emotions for their workplace.

2. Employee Efficiency

If your employees are given proper learning materials to understand their role, learn new skills, develop new insight and simply improve, their professional growth will be significant.

Employees will learn faster, work better, and have more self-esteem in performing all kinds of daily tasks.

As a result, their work performance will significantly improve, and their efficiency will benefit as well. 

This is a win-win situation for both the company and the employees. They’re both growing faster and making better results.

3. Saving Money

When your employee retention rate is low, it’s an alarm that something’s not right. Either your HR is sending you the wrong kind of people, or you’re not trying hard enough to keep them. Either way, you’re losing money.

 Here’s how:

  • your HR is working round the clock to find new people
  • you’re setting up interviews and doing the selection process
  • you’re investing time and energy into training new people
  • new employees need time to adjust and start working at full capacity

And, if, in the end, these people end up leaving you quickly, all of it was in vain.

Just like website localization helps you retain your consumers and clients, so does e-learning localization help you with employees. A happy and satisfied employee is an investment that will pay off soon if you give them the right climate to grow in.

This will save you not just money but energy and time as well.

4. Remove Cultural Gaps

The cultural gap between employees of different origins, nationalities, and backgrounds can cause some serious issues for companies that need to recognize it. Allowing all your employees to flourish the same way and under the same circumstances is the only way you can succeed as a company.

For instance, if most of your team is from the USA, but you have several invaluable team members from Spain, you should always acknowledge them. A good example would be setting up team meetings at a time that fits both time zones.

E-learning localization will further remove this cultural gap and give equal opportunities to your employees outside your country.

5. Nurture Consistency

A company needs to nurture the same brand image and business methods wherever they're doing business. This is why employee training also needs to be consistent to ensure there are no discrepancies between how certain groups of employees represent the company.

But, if you create one training course and send it out to all your employees globally, chances are there will be issues. 

Only some people will fully understand the materials, or someone might misinterpret something. But, with localized materials, you’ll know that all employees have the same idea and grasp of the materials you’ve sent out.

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Final Thoughts

The power of e-learning localization can be seen on almost all levels of a company's functioning. It significantly improves the relationship a company builds with its employees, and this further influences their satisfaction, willingness to stay, and dedication to their work.

The benefits we’ve shared above should inspire you to start embracing and applying e-learning localization in your organization as well.

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Christian Duke is a business consultant and a blogger. He writes to help businesses grow faster and work smarter. He covers everything from starting your business to learning about new tools and business strategies.

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