5 ways to make money with your car

ways to make money with your car

Who does not want to make money? Some of us might not escape the thought of making money, even while we sleep. Such is the power of the green. While there are numerous ways to make money from various different jobs, if you already have a car, have you considered turning it into a source? No, we are not talking about the business that you use your car for, but other ways to make money with your car.

Think of it as a part-time job or a side hustle. If you are hyperactive, and own a car, and love driving anyway, then earning a few extra bucks will never hurt anybody. You can take these tips and find lots of such interesting articles on CarIndigo. Here are 5 ways to make money with your car.

Use it as a cab

Being a "taxi" for people has become one of the fairly popular ways to make money with your car. Why? Because there will never be any shortage of people who require a ride and you can be the one to help, while also earning some extra cash. Of course, there are many people who are cab drivers full-time. You can have the option of doing it full-time or part-time. Your earnings will vary according to the time of the day. During late-night hours or early morning, you will not be able to earn as much as you would earn during peak time. 

With that being said, you must also know that you will have to fill your own gas tank, pay your own insurance, pay your own maintenance fees, etc. So, whatever expenses you will incur must be subtracted from your total earnings to get a total idea of the net profit. Here are a few apps you can sign up for as a driver: 


You already know about Uber – a ridesharing app that will allow any customer to book you as a cab. You must be above 21 and have a driver’s license, of course. Your car must also meet a few requirements to be able to register. After all the formalities, people can book you and you will earn a nifty reward.


Another super popular ridesharing app is Lyft. With the same requirements for the car and driver, the best thing it offers is in-app tipping for drivers. This will allow you to earn a few extra bucks. You can use whichever app you think fits.

Food delivery

If you are not too sure you like the idea of letting random people into your car for you to drive them around, how does warm, tasty food delivery sound as an alternative? A great alternative option for being a cab driver as one of the ways to make money with your car is delivering food using your car or even your motorcycle. Obviously, the car’s expenses are your own, but you can work for a local restaurant chain. In modern times, you will be using an app for this too. Some of the most popular are:

Uber Eats:

Uber does not only have a human delivery app, but also a food delivery app. Uber Eats is one of the most popular online food ordering apps. This also has similar requirements as the regular Uber app. Sign up and make people happy by delivering food to them!


Another popular food ordering app is DoorDash. Here, the requirement is 18 years or older and obviously having all the necessary documents. DoorDash isn’t limited to cars only; you can utilize your motorcycle or anything else. There are no strict restrictions on the choice of the car either.


Here, the driver must be 19 years or older; making it more accessible to younger folks. As a college student, to make some quick cash, signing up for GrubHub or DoorDash is a pretty good idea. Of course, once you clear the restrictions, you are free to deliver food.

Deliver packages and other items as a courier

Well, if you do not want people or food delivery in your car, you can always sign up for delivering packages as a courier. A courier, obviously, performs the same job; but here, you are required to pick up a package and deliver it to their doorstep. 

Once again, earnings can vary depending on the company you are working for and the number of orders placed, and so on. But unlike a taxi or cab delivery, you can take multiple items at once and deliver them all in one single trip. Consider these apps:


Postmates actually allow you to sign up as a food delivery guy, or you can also be assigned to deliver packages. Postmates allows for a wide array of delivery, so you can deliver almost anything.


Another useful app is Instacart, which allows you to deliver groceries to people’s doorsteps. People will place an order of items of their choice and you can get the order, go to the grocery shop and shop for them and deliver it. It’s basically like running errands for someone you don’t know.

Put up advertisements on your car

This needs no further elaboration. All you have to do is allow companies or businesses to use your car as a billboard. Of course, you are not required to deliver anything or anyone. You can go on about your usual business, in your car. However, the issue is the low pay. It pays way less than working as a delivery guy or a cab driver. But if you want some extra bucks on your way to work, consider these apps:


You can sign your car up in this app and they will run some background checks. If your car checks out, your car will get wrapped in advertisements. However, you must drive at least 30 miles per day. If you have a long commute to work, you can choose this option.


You need to enter your ZIP code and look for campaigns in your local area. They will ask how many miles you drive per year and run various other checks. Once everything is good to go, you can get a decal, activate it, drive and get cash in return!

Rent out your car

If you are less motivated to do the work yourself but still want to make money with your car, you can sign-up to lend it to other people when you are not using it. However, you must do it only when you have no need for the car since it might be gone for a while. If you have two cars at home, then, by all means, you can rent one out. The best part about it is, you don’t even have to be the one driving. Here are a few apps for this purpose:


Turo is an app rapidly growing in popularity. The app will put the rental price of the car based on the MSRP of your car and other demands. Depending on the area you are in, you might earn more. For example, being located in a popular area of a city will allow for more customers; rather than a rural area.


Another popular car renting app is HyreCar. This app will allow drivers, who do not own their own cars, to hire a car for working as a cab driver. Basically, those who want to use Uber, Lyft, etc can use your car as a rental car. A quick way to earn a decent amount of cash is to rent out your car.

So, as you can see, there are numerous ways to be entrepreneurial and make money with your car!

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