October Social Media Updates Through October 21st

Social Media Updates Through October 21st

October has gone fast and we have some new social media updates for you!  As always the social media platforms are not static and continue to make changes.  This time around we cover a couple Facebook changes and the announced retirement of Google Plus.


Chatrooms on Facebook Groups

With Facebook groups, you can now launch up to 250-person chat rooms and up to 50 member video calls. Facebook groups are another way that you can connect with a large group of your followers or team and can bring activity and return visits.

What this Means for Your Business

Over 1.4 billion people are currently active in Facebook Groups each month. The feature will generate a lot of activity and return visits for Facebook. Users can use groups to plan events, have deeper discussions, or arrange meetings.


Schedule Live Videos on Facebook Pages

On your Facebook brand page, you can now schedule recorded videos as a live video. This new feature allows you to upload a video and your followers will get notified like a live video when the video is published. Followers can sign up to get notified when the video is published along with a countdown timer and ability to react to the video as it plays.

What this Means for Your Business

This new feature allows more flexibility for Facebook live videos. It’s also another way that you can interact with your followers through the video without needing to physically be live. Just another way that video is changing the social media world.


Facebook Adds fbclid Parameter to Outbound Links

Have you noticed when you use a link from Facebook that it now has a fbclid added to it? For example:  

These outbound links are most times used by Facebook Ads.

What this Means for Your Business

This happens especially if you have an eCommerce website and you use Facebook Ads. By using a fbclid link your buyers will not be landing on a page optimized for speed. If your site takes longer than about 3 seconds to load you could lose out on a sale. The Google Analytics for your site will have a jump in bounce rates and less session time. This means your search engine rank will go down. To help with these issues, you need to ignore query strings. This function can be found in your caching plugin.


Google Plus

Google Plus is Dead

Google Plus is a desert for social media. It’s always been good to add links for search engine optimization. But people haven’t used it on a consistent basis for quite a while. So when they had their recent data breach Google decided to close down the platform rather than do the long-term fixes for the site.

What this Means for Your Business

Google+ was the best place to share your blog post and product links. I liked to say that you were posting directly to the search engine. I’m going to miss that when I posted to Google+, Google went through the link and indexed the content.

If you were using G+ to promote your content it will take longer to get your content found on the search engine.  However, the retirement is still a number of unknown months out so if you are like me, you’ll continue to use it for sharing newly published blog content which will then be indexed by Google’s Search Engine immediately. If you weren’t using G+, like 98% of the world you won’t feel a thing.


That’s a wrap on the October Social Media updates for 2018!  As always, my goal is to keep you quickly informed so that you can adapt and get on with business!  

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