Social Media Updates Through Nov. 8

Social Media Updates Through Nov. 8

It’s November, the elections are over and Christmas decorations are coming out in full force. I’ve got some new updates from Facebook to share with you as we head into the holiday season!

Facebook Updates for Marketers

Create Polls in any Facebook Video you Produce

You can now add POLLS to any and all of your videos, including VOD (video on demand) and non-live videos! You can add MULTIPLE polls and select which part of your video the polls appear in. You will be able to see the results and number of votes from each poll. Neato!

Look for the Polls option under “Edit Video.”

Why it matters:

Imagine the possibilities!!

This could help with RETENTION, engagement, and customer experience/feedback. This is another great way you can use Facebook to interact with your customers!

Active Links in Facebook Stories for Profiles

Facebook Stories are growing in use.  While not as popular as Instagram Stories yet, this new feature may be just the boost they need to gain more organic reach to Pages and websites. Now personal profiles, not Pages, are able to add active links to their Stories.

Why it matters:

Currently only available at the personal profile level, this is still very important because many updates start on Profiles and then roll out to Pages later.  If Stories can add links like they now can in Profiles, it will be a huge tool for marketers to use and a new way to drive traffic to your website.


Mari Smith does a tutorial on how to add links to Stories in this VIDEO.


Expanding Stories Ads for Brands to Facebook

Stories are ever-growing and a great way for people to discover your brand. Facebook Stories now offer the option to deliver your Instagram Stories ad campaigns to Facebook.

Why it matters:

Now that you can deliver Stories ads across Instagram and Facebook you will be able to reach more of your target audience and optimize performance to get the best results.


Whats App Finally Adding Stickers

Facebook’s global messaging app, Whats App, is finally adding stickers.  It’s a next step in the “Facebook-like” development of the popular messaging app known largely for being simple and clean.

Why it Matters:

This is a step towards more integrations with Facebook tools and features, such as further Facebook Ads integrations.  It’s important to stay in touch with all the tools Facebook has and now they are developing each.


That’s a wrap on some of the latest updates from the last 2 weeks in the social media realm.  It was quieter but do not expect it to stay that way for long!


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