Social Media Updates Through January 10th

Another year has come and 2019 will bring some new updates in the social media world. It’s off to a quiet start on social media updates here early in the year.  As always, these updates come out 2x per month and are aimed to keep you as a digital and social media marketer informed and educated on the latest updates in social media and how you can use them to your advantage in marketing.


Here are a few to start off the new year:

Facebook Stories Add Call-To-Action Buttons

Facebook has added a call to action button for Facebook Page Stories. You can now add buttons such as shop now, book now, call now and get directions to drive more people that follow you to take action.

Why It Matters

As Stories are becoming more popular than news feeds, it is important for your business to utilize Stories. Facebook’s new call to action button can help drive your followers to take action such as linking to your Facebook store, getting directions, or calling your business. Begin experimenting with them to see what your followers react to.

This is a good addition for marketers and gives you a clear business marketing pathway to move traffic from Facebook to your website which is highly recommended.  The key is to have a lead capture call-to-action on your website to follow-up!


Instagram’s Tap-Through Feed

Over the holiday Instagram rolled out and then rolled back a new tap through newsfeed similar to Stories. It is believed that this was accidentally rolled out to everyone instead of just to a small pool of users which is why the rollback occurred; however, this could mean a lot for the future of Instagram and the way we view our news feed.

Why It Matters

What this means is that Instagram may not be done with this idea yet. As we have seen the increasing importance of stories, we may see the stories concepts merging into our newsfeeds.  Note, however, that the feedback from users was largely negative so there may be some testing that Instagram needs and wants to do before approaching this again publicly!


LinkedIn Improves Help Listings

LinkedIn has improved its Help Listings by adding contextual prompts to make them more relevant and user-friendly. This should help people get the right assistance faster without going to a different section on the platform.

Why It Matters

This is a small update but one that is focused on helping you get the help you need faster and easier in hopes of making the overall user experience better.


As I noted, not a lot of big news as we start the year but that is expected.  What for updates to begin coming out in more serious measure later in January and through the winter.  Subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates in your inbox!


See you in 2 weeks.